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‘Mother-son teamwork’ pays for Batsi

By Trust Khosa

Pint-sized crooner and farmer Batsirai “Batsie” Shasha might be on top of his game but a lot has been happening behind the scenes.

Batsirai Shasha with his mother Aunt Flo
Batsirai Shasha with his mother Aunt Flo

The 25-year-old, whose affairs are being run by his mother Florence Chaurura, is reportedly being treated as a son and artiste.

However, this has never affected Batsie’s progress amid speculation that the mother must draw a line and know her limits.

Speaking to H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle, Aunt Flo – as Batsie’s mum is fondly known – said she will be open to the public’s viewpoint on whether to continue in her role or not.

“I have been running Batsie’s affair for over five years when he was still at university hoping for the best for him once he graduates.

“As a mother, I have realised that the boy needed to be empowered and that is why I am really behind him.

“I would like fellow parents to take a cue from us and make sure that they empower their children in the right manner,” she said.

Aunt Flo said she gives her son the freedom he wants to do other things being done by fellow boys of his generation.

“Of course I know everything that he does, touches or plans but I also give him the room to do whatever he wants.

“If he wants to date a girl, I know it because I am always with him but I give him the platform to do what he wants,” she said.

She added:

“We have been doing so many things together with my son like our skits and as well as poultry projects.

“What really makes this relationship unique is that we clique and I urge fellow parents to follow suit.

“It’s always encouraging to be seen assisting your children in whatever they are doing and I challenge other parents or guardians to do so.”

She however conceded that there shall come a time when Batsie will need her own space.

“I can’t rule out that and I am prepared to give him space when the time is right,” he said.

In another interview, Batsie said he was comfortable with the arrangement but he was free to do other things.

“My mother has been there from day one but I also have freedom to do my own things. Of course she is bound to know everything that I do but she gives me freedom,” he added.

Batsi whose affairs are run under Mtaka Media banner, has been making waves in music ever she burst onto the scene five years ago.

Buoyed by the success of his two albums First of Many and Pore, the youngster has been churning out singles for the greater part of the lockdown.

These comprise Mufaro Wangu, Dziva, Amai, Muroora featuring Alexio Kawara, Tsviyo Tsviyo featuring Diana Samkange, Love In the Air, Tsvarakadenga featuring Andy Muridzo, Teerera featuring Feli Nandi among others.

He has also been selected to compose a song raising awareness against the air pollution by a UK based organisation. H-Metro