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Mugabe’s avenging spirit causing “mysterious” deaths and illnesses

By Staff Reporter | Nehanda Politics |

The family of the late former President Robert Mugabe claim his spirit is fighting back after causing the “mysterious” deaths and illnesses of families of some traditional leaders that were pushing for the exhumation of his remains to be reburied at the National Heroes Acre.

The late former President Robert Mugabe
The late former President Robert Mugabe

Mugabe ruled Zimbabwe for 37 years before he was removed from power through a military coup in November 2017. He died in Singapore from prostate cancer. President Emmerson Mnangagwa tried in vain to have him buried at the national shrine.

Earlier this year, Chief Zvimba ordered the exhumation of Mugabe’s remains. Mugabe’s wife, Grace and the children tried to appeal but courts in Chinhoyi kept on supporting his exhumation.

Chief Beperere, born Alfred Tome, who was behind the reburial push succumbed to Covid-19 last month. His son Edward, who was spokesperson for the Zvimba chiefs when they met Mnangagwa in September last year to demand the reburial of Mugabe, is said to be suffering a “mysterious ailment”.

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Reports also claim that one of Edward’s sons is also said to be sick while chiefs Zvimba and Chidziva are also said to be now bedridden.

A member of Mugabe’s family, Dominic Matibiri, said they believed Mugabe’s spirit was avenging and it is behind the woes facing families of the chiefs behind his exhumation.

“The spirit of the departed have a way of settling issues with the living,” Matibiri said.

“As the Mugabe family, we will not mourn Chief Beperere with others because we feel that he was being punished by the avenging spirit for taking part in the exhumation judgement.

“Chief Beperere was Mugabe’s chief and should have presided over the matter but instead, decided to trick us by taking the matter to Chief Zvimba, a great justice anomaly.” Nehanda Radio