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Controversy surrounds Tinashe Mugabe’s DNA company and TV show

By Keith Mlauzi  | Nehanda Showbiz |

Global DNA Zimbabwe founder and closure DNA Show host Tinashe Mugabe has been embroiled in conflicts and controversy concerning his show which exposes paternity fraud.

The Closure DNA show by Radio and Television personality Tinashe Mugabe
The Closure DNA show by Radio and Television personality Tinashe Mugabe

Last week the Media Laboratory and Clinical Scientists council of Zimbabwe released a statement rubbishing Tinashe’s show saying he was not authorized to carry out DNA tests.

“Global DNA Zimbabwe and Expedite DNA Zimbabwe of registered with the council as DNA collection sites not testing sites,” read part of the statement.

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In his response to the statement Mugabe’s Global DNA company hit back saying the council had issued ‘false news’ and will ‘seek legal recourse’.

The company advised its followers to disregard news about its ban as ‘fake news.’

Mugabe is not new to controversy, in 2019 he was accused of providing false DNA results to a desperate Australian based woman, Abigail (Abii) who was searching for her family after she was abandoned a few days after her birth in August 1983.

In an interview with a local radio station last week Mugabe said, it was a case of fraud and he was framed.

“What happened is we tested her sister and it was a match. When we gave her the news she was happy and the issue was all over the world. We were yet to test the mother but the Australian media company filming the documentary was already in Zimbabwe and everyone was now involved.

“We allowed them to film the documentary without involving us. We wanted to test the father but he ran away… The DNA presented on that documentary was mine, if you look at the serial number you will see that they had used my DNA,” said Mugabe.

He also added that they were suing the company.

“Our legal team is working on the right procedures against that company,” he added.

Contacted for a comment by Nehanda Radio, Mugabe’s phone continuously rang with no response.

Regardless of all the drama surrounding the DNA show Mugabe maintains that his show is helping people and not destroying them.

“The platform is there for good not bad. It’s there to address paternity fraud and provide resolution to issues that never had solutions,” he told Nehanda Radio last week.