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‘Mnangagwa family, Chinese sidekicks besieging Domboshava in gold-rush’

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro | Nehanda Politics |

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s family and Chinese allies have reportedly besieged Domboshava aiming to displace villagers to pave way for mining activities in the spiritual tourism area.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa
President Emmerson Mnangagwa

This was revealed by opposition MDC Alliance deputy secretary for presidential affairs, Luke Tamborinyoka in a comprehensive article published by Nehanda Radio on Friday.

Luke-ing the Beast in the Eye: Mnangagwa’s roving bandits invade Domboshava

He added the alleged allies of the Zanu PF leader are pegging vast tracts of land belonging to villagers in Domboshava, his home area, planning to start mining gold. The Chinese have reportedly indicated their intention to displace villagers living on top of the mineral belt.

“Only last week, Mnangagwa’s children, relatives and some purported Chinese miners came to the northwestern part of my own neighbourhood in Shumba ward 3 just after Nyamande, pegging the place and telling bemused villagers they were taking over the area.

“From Nyamande in ward 4, the gold ‘belt’ reportedly proceeds to ward 3, past Ruzvidzo village that is just adjacent to Nyamande near the river Mwenda, past Mazanhi and N’andu villages in this area of my birth in ward 3 of Domboshava.

“The pegged place has now been extended to Pasipamire village, just some two villages away from my own Tamborinyoka village.

“At Pasipamire village, the whole area around the famed Gomo RaGabhureni(Gabriel’s mountain), has now been pegged in the gold rush specifically by ED’s cronies and children,” Tamborinyoka said.

He noted that the invaded place was also a sacred mountain where hundreds of members of the Vapostori sect from all over the country flock every day for spiritual healing,  adding “this famous zone for spiritual tourism is now under siege from the roving bandits.”

He said at first the area was invaded by controversial cleric Prophet Passion Java and other close allies of Mnangagwa.

“First they came to Nyamande in my rural home area of Domboshava in a frenzied gold rush, looting the prime natural resource in this hallowed land of my birth at between nil and zero benefit to the local community.

In the aftermath of the Nyamande invasion, we then saw the coterie of Mnangagwa’s cronies entering the fray in the same area, with ED’s social media frontman and AAG vice president Passion Java among them,” he added. Nehanda Radio