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Rapper Holy Ten and ZBC TV presenter Yahya Goodvibes now an item?

By Keith Mlauzi | Nehanda Showbiz |

Rapper Holy Ten and ZBC TV presenter Yahya Goodvibes have set tongues wagging after revealing that they are now an item.

Rapper Holy Ten and ZBC TV presenter Yahya Goodvibes
Rapper Holy Ten and ZBC TV presenter Yahya Goodvibes

This comes after Holy Ten who publicly proclaimed his undying love for singer Tammy Moyo conceded defeat as the former gave him a cold shoulder.

For the past couple of days Holy Ten has been trying so hard to get Tammy’s attention, he went to the extent of writing a song for her which has been released on his YouTube channel.

However as his fight to get Tammy failed, Holy Ten did not totally lose as social media enthusiast and television presenter Yahya Goodvibes told him she has feelings for him.

During a Instagram video between Yahya and and Holy Ten, the energetic presenter told the rapper she wants him and should forget about Tammy who is already taken.

“Chingobvuma kuti Tammy haasi kukuda Holy Ten. Ini ndini ndirikukutsoma zviri public hanty kaah dai Tamy anga achikuda dai aresponder or ku liker song yako chero kuisa kamota zvako but ini nda liker even though ndisingaifarire song yacho,” said Yahya.

Holy Ten did not quickly respond to her but made fun of it.

On Wednesday night after Holy Ten came to reality that Tammy was not going to dump her long time boyfriend music producer Chiweddar for him, he then publicly announced he was now in a relationship with Yahya.

He posted a picture of Yahya on his Instagram account with the caption , “So izvi ndozvavapo Mai venyu ava goodnight @yahya-goodvibes.”

It is not clear if this is a real relationship or they are just fooling around as Holy Ten has not yet deleted Tammy’s pictures which he used to get her attention from his Instagram account.

Holy’s advances to Tammy caused some tension between him and Chiweddar.

In response to Holy Ten’s dedication song to Tammy, Chiweddar posted a snippet from Tammy’s song ‘Zviroto.’

To which he also responded by daring him to wed the girl. Posting on his Instastories Holy said, ‘Chi Chatai zve, Chi Wedder Zve.’ Nehanda Radio