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Passion Java denies buying views… challenges Chiwenga to live radio debate

By Keith Mlauzi | Nehanda Showbiz |

Outspoken flamboyant Prophet Passion Java has slammed reports that he is buying views for Roki’s latest song Patati Patata featuring Koffi Olomide and Rayvanny which attracted 4 million views in 6 days.

Roki and Passion Java
Roki and Passion Java

Speaking during an interview on Power FM on Thursday morning, Java said he had so much money and he could have bought a 100 million views if he wanted.

He said, “I’ve got money, if I wanted to buy views I would have bought them already, even for my own videos.

“We are trending number one in Zimbabwe and South Africa while Beyoncé and Jay-Z are number nine. We are also trending in Tanzania and Kenya. And you know that no one can trend with bought views.”

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While at it the controversial prophet was asked what his tongues meant because they sounded just like some familiar Shona words.

In his response he said, “I prayed those tongues about two months ago before coming to Zimbabwe to meet the President. When I mentioned his name and sweet potatoes (mbambaira) in the tongues it was a prophecy that I was going to have breakfast with the President and eat sweet potatoes with him.”

He also denounced reports that he was affiliated to a certain political party and that he hired some hitmen to beat up socialite Mambo Ndini.

“I’m naturally loved by people so if you speak bad about me some people will beat you up not that I would have sent them, they just love me. If I wanted to beat Mambo Ndini I would have done it myself then report myself to the police then pay a fine.”

He then called for a live radio debate match with Apostle Talent Chiwenga.

“Uyu Prophet Chiwenga he preaches about other prophets and politicians. You can bring him in studio even tomorrow I’m not afraid of him. I will face him right here,” said Java. Nehanda Radio