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City land owner appeals for protection

Lawyers representing peri-urban farmer, Mr Luke Emmanuel Kuvheya have implored Marlborough Police to act on a gang of more than 40 people who allegedly attacked the farmer’s family last month in a raging land dispute.

Luke Emmanuel Kuvheya
Luke Emmanuel Kuvheya

According to a letter addressed to the officer-in-charge of Marlborough Police by Muhlekiwa Legal Practice, the violent attack was instigated by Patrick Mvurira, Danny and Eunice Mukuhlane.

“Our client is the owner of a farm, namely Kinvarra Estate, 4 Canverra Road, Mt Hampden.

“On June 19, 2021, our client , together with his family and employees were violently attacked by a group of illegal settlers, of which the above named were positively identified as the assailants,” wrote the lawyers.

They said after the attack, they reported the matter to Marlborough Police who advised them to seek assistance from Mt Hampden police post where the officer-in-charge advised that three officers had been assigned to attend the scene.

However, none of the alleged assailants was subsequently arrested.

The lawyers said the Sheriff of Zimbabwe had earlier on May 12, 2021, tried to evict the illegal settlers from the property following High Court proceedings under case number HC9748/19.

During the eviction, the illegal settlers turned violent, forcing the Sheriff to stop the process.

The lawyers said one of the illegal settlers, James Gurupira, was arrested but despite leading other illegal settlers in violence, did not appear in court.

The illegal settlers later claimed that the June 19 attack victims had caused malicious damage to their property when in fact, it was the Sheriff who was trying to execute his duties.

They apparently used this as a pretext to attack Mr Kuvheya and his family.

“Our client and his two employees, Wellington Chatima and Andrew Mbuna, who were at the farm, were seriously injured.

“We noticed to our shock, that only our client’s employee had been arrested for allegedly burning one James Gurupira’s vehicle.

“The assailants named in the criminal complaint are walking freely, causing havoc and unleashing violence against our clients and his employees,” said the lawyers.

They said the assailants continued to reside illegally at the farm after resisting a lawful eviction order.

“We urgently request that you intervene and arrest the said accused persons. Our beautiful Constitution protects property rights and our client is entitled to the same.” The Herald