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Bulawayo Bomber sets up gym in South Africa

By Ricky Zililo

South Africa-based Zimbabwean heavyweight boxer Elvis Moyo will open a gym to cater to boxers, mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters and bouncers in Lyndhurst, Johannesburg on June 1.

EFC AFRICA 28, Fight 5 Heavyweight Bout, Sors Grobbelaar vs Elvis Moyo
27 March 2014 at The Coca-Cola Dome , Johannesburg, South Africa (Photo by Ruby Wolff/EFC AFRICA)

The former continental heavyweight champion has named the fitness centre Bomber’s Gym after his nickname.

Moyo is putting final touches on the facility, which he said is a dream come true.

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“I’m opening a gym at Lyndhurst Square, closer to where I stay. It will basically be a boxing gym, kick-boxing gym, fitness gym and obviously because I do security there’s a section with weights for bouncers,” said Moyo.

“We are working to accommodate amateur boxers and professional MMA fighters. I’ll get one of my guys to register as a boxing coach cornerman so that he can take professional boxers. Obviously, boxers from Zimbabwe will find a gym they can call home when they come here for boxing. I’ll accommodate as much as I can,” he said.

The Bulawayo Bomber has put on hold his initial plan to pursue management of boxers and being a boxing promoter.

“I realised that I can’t do that (boxing promotions and management of boxers) while hoping to be bankrolled by people. So my best plan is to start from the bottom, open a gym, accommodate fighters, manage them, train them, assist them and then take it from there.

“If I can come to Bulawayo, open a Bomber’s Gym to groom fighters and then bring them to South Africa to develop their skills, I think I would have achieved my goal. This is a first step towards contributing to the development of boxers,” said Moyo. The Chronicle