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Meet author who skipped Grade 1 to 5 and is all about breaking limits

By Keith Mlauzi | Nehanda Showbiz |

22-year-old Zenzo Siziba is a living testimony that life’s challenges are just detours and do not determine our final destination.

22-year-old author Zenzo Siziba
22-year-old author Zenzo Siziba

Siziba a young author who attended only two years of primary school is fast becoming one writer to look out for as he inspires more young writers to cultivate the reading culture and of cause motivate them to utilize what they have.

“I write about life’s daily challenges, some which I faced and the goal is to motivate readers that the struggles are not limitations to what one can achieve in life.

“I skipped grade one to five of primary school because we couldn’t afford to go to school so in my books I’m sharing how I broke those limitations,” Sizaba told Nehanda Radio.

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The young writer also says he uses the pen as an escape from poverty.

Siziba is all about breaking limitations. In 2018 he joined a cultural project to walk from Bulawayo to Harare on foot and back to deliver a petition to the president and promote cultural diversity.

Speaking about the walk Siziba said, “The purpose of the walk was to educate people about our cultural values as Zimbabweans and most of all we were delivering a petition to the President for the restoration of cultural diversity in the country.”

He says it took them 11 days to reach Harare from Bulawayo and another 11 days to get back to Bulawayo.

Siziba has worked with various Zimbabwean authors such as Vongai Mujakachi. During the Covid-19 pandemic he has written a number of coronavirus related poems. Some of his books include, ‘My life without direction’, Breaking the code of limitations’ and ‘The lost Generation.’