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Cal Vin’s mum speaks on fallout with his girlfriend, doubts child’s paternity

By Bruce Ndlovu

Exactly six months after he died tragically, Mgcini “Cal_Vin” Nhliziyo’s mother still has a lot of unanswered questions about the night that claimed the life of her son, while simmering tensions with his girlfriend, who recently gave birth to a baby boy, have exploded into full conflict.

Cal Vin's mother Sinikiwe Luphahla and the late Cal Vin seen with his girlfriend Michelle Maphosa
Cal Vin’s mother Sinikiwe Luphahla and the late Cal Vin seen with his girlfriend Michelle Maphosa

So fraught have been relations between mother, Sinikiwe Luphahla and Michelle Maphosa, who looked set to be her daughter-in-law until the rapper’s demise on 25 October last year, that she ordered the removal of her son’s name from a poster advertising a baby shower for the child before he was born, as she objected to the hosting of the event and the venue where it was supposed to be held.

The gig was set to take place at Emakhandeni Cricket Club, the same joint that the rapper was coming from the night he lost his life just a stone’s throw away from his own home.

“I asked them if they had ever seen a baby shower in a bar?” the late rapper’s mother asked while in conversation with media personality Ezra “Tshisa” Sibanda.

“They said that they were doing it there because Cal_Vin loved the place. I asked them to take my son’s name out of the poster they were advertising on social media. I gave him that name on my own and I don’t want it used for a baby shower held at Cricket Club. It was too soon after my son’s death for a baby shower anyway. They could have done a baby welcome instead. They then changed and used a different name and said ‘we won’t use your son’s name’. Such things make us question if this person was really carrying Mgcini’s child,” she said.

Luphahla said relations with her would-be daughter-in-law had broken down, with Michelle accusing the rapper’s family of wishing death upon her. At the time of his death, Cal_Vin had one other child, Khloe, with another woman.

“She sends disrespectful messages to my sister in Famona asking why we refused to let her have a baby shower.

“That child is just disrespectful. She was saying she could tell we don’t love her and we probably wished that she and the child would die while she was giving birth. So, we can’t say we know if that was Cal_Vin’s child for sure. She never showed any heartbreak about his death,” she said.

The animosity between Luphahla and Michelle seems to stem partly from the suspicious circumstances surrounding his death half a year ago. According to the rapper’s mother, the events of 25 October still need to be unravelled if she is to get closure on the death of a son that she considered a close friend.

Luphahla is also still aggrieved that she was not the first port-of-call when her son was injured, as she only got informed about the incident when he had been ferried to hospital, despite the fact that the incident happened only a few metres from her house.

“I heard from one of the three people that were with him. He said they had already sent Cal_Vin to the hospital because he had been hit by a car. He banged on my gate and he told me that and then he went home.

“I wonder why they first went to the Cricket Club before they came to my house. My home is nearer to where he was hit. At least I would have made more of an effort. I have a landline at home and I would have called an ambulance.

They chose to rush to Cricket Club and look for his friends instead of me. His girlfriend says she was the one who ran off to Cricket Club.

“I work at Mpilo (Hospital) and I would have made a plan for my son to be treated before he died but they didn’t tell me. Everyone in this area knows where I work. His medical report shows that he bled too much. At least if I had the chance to act sooner I could have helped him,” she said.

Luphahla said she had been given sleepless nights by the fact that the stories of those that were with him on the night of the incident appear inconsistent. After the death of the rapper, police impounded the car of one suspect, Wilfred Mafuka.

Luphahla said she had been informed by police that DNA tests showed that the blood found on the suspect’s car belonged to an animal, instead of a human being. She said police had informed her that they were still looking for the car responsible for her son’s demise.

“I don’t sleep. I’m always thinking. It was just me and my son in this house. I have had to get a grandchild to come and live with me to fill that void. When we ask those that were there on the night, they say there were four or five people in the car that hit him. My question then is how do they know how many people were in the car when they say they didn’t see anything about the incident? It means they saw something at least. When I asked if there was a fight at Cricket Club his girlfriend told me that although Cal_Vin sometimes caused fights there, on that particular night there had been none,” she said.

Luphahla said that her suspicions were also raised by the fact that the car that reportedly hit her son was moving slowly when he allegedly jumped on its bonnet and told his three companions that it will drop him off at home.

“They say he jumped on the bonnet of a car and then he asked the people in the car to drive him home while he was sitting on top. I don’t believe it. Why didn’t they pull him back realising that he was doing something dangerous?

They say the car was moving slowly and when it reached the corner the driver applied brakes and it threw him off. It was then that this person ran over him.

“I don’t understand why a car that was driving so slowly could run over a person like that. That was why I asked if they fought with anyone in the bar. His girlfriend says she found him on the ground and he said ‘I have been injured’.

That’s when they rushed back to Cricket Club,” she said.

As pain and confusion reigned, Luphahla said that the rest of the events that surrounded her son’s death were a blur.

“Some guy in a car came to me and said ‘have you heard that Cal_Vin has been hit by a car? If you have money for fuel let us go to him.’ I called my sister in Famona and the man and his friend drove me to Mpilo Hospital. That’s where they dumped me. They didn’t even go in to see him. I don’t remember the make of the car or the faces of the two men who took me to Mpilo. At that point I was already behaving like a mad person because of what had happened.

“When I got to the hospital, I found Cal_Vin’s friend and his girlfriend there. They did not even have a drop of blood on them, or any indication that they had at least tried to help my son. They were clean. If the bleeding had been stopped, he could have been here,” she said. The Sunday News