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‘Hell Commander’ back with ‘Njuzu’ after Ms Shally allegedly dumped him

It's official, Njuzu and Hell Commander are an item!

By Keith Mlauzi | Nehanda Showbiz |

South Africa based socialite and businessman Trevor Mbizvo affectionately known as ‘The Hell Commander’ has officialized his relationship with socialite Monalisa ‘Njuzu’ Zulu.

Njuzu and Ms Shally
Njuzu and Ms Shally

The two spent the whole weekend flexing their relationship on social media. As a way of soothing his ‘broken heart’ Mbizvo went for car shopping with his girlfriend, and were seen to be in a jovial mood as they drove in the new Lamborghini praising Njuzu’s behind with the song, “ma**ro akana’

This comes after Shaleen ‘Ms Shally’ Nuleens quit her relationship with Mbizvo on Saturday morning. In a statement posted on her Instagram page, Ms Shally said;

“I’m just gonna do me. For the past weeks I took time to reflect. Love it’s a very beautiful thing and what Simbarashe aka ‘The Hell Commander’ and I shared in the beginning was heaven sent.

“When dealing with an alpha male with different opinions and views from yourself you will realize that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

“Some people prefer to put their own interest first yet some prefer to put their business and reputation first but I choose the latter. After reflecting I feel like it is better for me to be single and focus on me. Simbarashe and I are still very good friends and business partners.”

Earlier in March Ms Shally announced that she was in a relationship with Mbizvo but her joy was cut short after her man was seen in bed with Njuzu and was in a cozy position.

Mbizvo quickly apologized to Ms Shally by buying her a brand new Range Rover, he however did not say if he was ending his relationship with Njuzu but rather balanced both sides and bought njuzu a car as well.

It is safe to conclude that Njuzu and Shally were in a competition to win the heart of Mbizvo, as Njuzu once accused Shally of having a cloud of bad luck and needing some ‘cleansing’ after their boyfriend was involved in an accident which claimed the life of student pilot, Eddy.