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‘We are a sleeping powerhouse’

Dreams can be elusive but people all over the world over have followed the beat of their dedicated hearts, step by step, to see their visions become huge success stories.

Moses “Bambo’’ Chunga
Moses “Bambo’’ Chunga

I have my dream, it has not been easy, but I have dedicated the remainder of my life to pursuing it, no matter the challenges, until it comes true one good day.

It’s about my grand project, the ‘’Moses Bambo Chunga Academy,’’ and it’s something that is very close to my heart.

The following is my vision, set of professional ideas and aspirational, and inspirational wishes for Zimbabwean football, a game I have served since my teenage years.

It is my vision to have former footballers involved in school, and junior football development, throughout the country.

In today’s difficult times, dominated by world pandemics, financial problems and other kinds of hardships, there is still so much to be thankful for.

We can all make a difference with a positive mindset, with the knowledge that there is a loving God who cares for us all, who has blessed us with so much and to whom we can turn, to ask for a better life.

The greatest excitement of the future is that we can shape it and this means turning our dreams into reality.

We can make the world a better place, through positive development, and this is the time to make a positive move because, right now, it’s an exciting period, in the history of Zimbabwe football.

I believe in the principles of giving, and helping, where possible.

Giving can be in the way of time, which is the most valuable God-given commodity we have in life, for when it is gone, we can never get it back.

I also believe in giving financial, and material, assistance wherever I can.

I have been blessed in this endeavour, where I have managed to donate valuable equipment to various schools, and the community at large.

I am very happy and pleased to have had the opportunity to make my own contribution to the local community, country and around the world.

Those who know me can testify that I would rather go hungry, for a night, while having given someone, who is starving, something to eat.

I have mentored and produced hundreds of players, throughout the country, who have gone on to make an impression, in the football world.

I have done, and continue to do this, as part of my social responsibility programme.

I am planning to build an Academy of football Excellence.

I see this as a way of ploughing back what I have harvested from football, both as a talented player, coach and mentor.

An Egyptian prolific goal-scorer known as “Adi Diba” was asked, after retirement, what role he was offering to play to the footballing community.

He said he didn’t want to be a coach, because it was stressful, management was worse because there were many questions to be asked that would have difficult answers.

He opted to plough back, into the game, as a football referee.

He did well, though, by becoming one of Africa’s best referees.

I have, therefore, defied the odds and wore a brave face, to do coaching and play a mentorship role.

With my 46 goals, in 1986, still an unbroken national record, I think I have done well to INSPIRE and challenge the youth to do even more.

I have worked to develop the Moses Bambo Chunga Academy over the years, which helps young aspiring football players, every year but I believe the time has come, to take this to another level.

This project brings together the disadvantaged members of our communities, mainly from the remote areas, into a place where they can be given proper training, to try and realise their dreams.

There is no doubt in my mind that there is another Moses Chunga, out there, in one of the towns, villages and cities, of our beautiful country.

That next Moses Chunga is only waiting for his chance, just like the one I was given, to train with some of the best players, when my time came, and to learn from some of the best coaches.

Who knows, that kid could even be better than the original Moses Chunga.

There is another Knowledge Musona, and Khama Billiat, out there, waiting to be identified, to be nurtured and to be helped to realise his dreams.

We are blessed as a country, that we have an amazing wealth of talent, when it comes to football and, every day, every week, every month and every year, we get another gem coming through.

Somebody actually told me that some of the greatest Zimbabwean footballers are those who never played the game, at a high level, because either they were not given a helping hand, at the right time, or were frustrated.

My overall intention is to develop the community, through improving football standards in Zimbabwe, because this country is very close to my heart.

It’s my home, the Warriors are my team, I was their captain, I fought for them, and everyone who associates himself, or herself, with that team.

Now, my focus is on scouting for talent, which I believe is abundant, in many areas in this country and is only waiting to be identified and given the proper coaching.

My drive is to catch them young and develop them to fulfill their dreams.

The labour market worldwide has undergone serious transformation, many traditional jobs have disappeared because technology has taken over tasks which, previously, were done manually by us, the human beings.

Professionals, the world over, are fast becoming saturated.

The primary task of Government, Corporates, Academies, Non-Governmental Organisations, parents, schools and the various civic bodies is to teach children to become independent adults.

Young people can no longer expect to find ready-made jobs, after finishing school.

This, however, should not be seen as a gloomy prospect, rather traditional education, has been of an academic nature, instead of preparation, for the contemporary situation and what the real world now demands.

I believe it is the duty of everyone, not the Government alone, but Embassies, Corporates, Academies, Non-Governmental Organisations, schools, and the various civic bodies, to help our children become self-reliant, employable and masters of their own destiny, later in life.

The challenge we are facing, here in particular, and around the world, in general, is to prepare the youth to take their place in the real world.

We should provide them with a well-rounded academic education.

Every child and young sportsperson is entitled to receive training, and relevant education, which will allow them to face life, with confidence.

It is precisely in this spirit, in the field of football, that the Moses Bambo Chunga Academy sees its role in playing its part, in helping our national game and, in the process, our country.

Our country turns 41, in a few days’ time, I am now 56, and the time has come for us to make a change because we are, indeed, a football powerhouse, which has just been having a deep slumber.

Moses Chunga is a former Warriors captain and is the first Zimbabwean footballer, to move straight from the domestic Premiership to Europe, after Independence. The Herald