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Olinda threatens to sue blogs writing about Tytan being suicidal

By Keith Mlauzi | Nehanda Showbiz |

United Kingdom based socialite and businesswoman Olinda Chapel Nkomo has given Zimbabwean blogs a 24 hours ultimatum to either delete their articles suggesting that her husband Tytan was contemplating suicide or face her lawyers.

Olinda Chapel and Tytan Skhokho
Olinda Chapel and Tytan Skhokho

Over the Easter weekend social media was flooded with reports that singer Tytan real name Njabulo Nkomo was contemplating suicide as his marriage to Olinda was crumbling down.

As part of his mental health campaign the Mukoko crooner posted cryptic Instastories which were symptoms of a suicidal person.

“I need a break from reliving trauma, No one cares if I’m alive. I’m such a burden my loved ones would be better off without me. I want to stop suffering. What’s the point of continuing? I need a break from living,” read one of Tytan’s posts.

His posts sparked the spread of news that the singer had hit rock bottom and the only way out was by committing suicide.

Fed up about the rumors, Olinda took to social media slamming bloggers for ruining people’s lives.

In a statement released on her Facebook page, Olinda threatened to unleash her lawyers on those who will not take down the articles in the next 24 hours.

“Zimbabwean media can be a joke at times. Do you ever think how your so-called ‘articles’ affect people’s daily lives? Never at any point did my husband say he is suicidal or dealing with mental health problems. As a public figure he is a brand ambassador and creative for Nala Project which is a mental health charity,” read part of her statement.

She continued, “For those media houses that have written false articles and made false representations of this. You have 24hrs to take your falsehoods down or we will unleash our lawyers on you and good luck proving your stories as facts to a judge. This is defamation of Character and we are not having it.

“Far too long we have allowed false narratives to be peddled in our names just for click bait!”

Olinda and Tytan have on different occasions made headlines for having problems in their marriage. In 2020 they had a nasty break up when Tytan publicly broke down into tears accusing Olinda of abusing him. They have since made up and appear to be happy. Nehanda Radio