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Afro Jazz musician Jeys Marabini turns to reggae

By Bongani Ndlovu

Jeys Marabini has taken up the reggae genre with a track Jah Deliver Us released yesterday, saying this is something new that he wants to try out for his fans.

The track will be part of his upcoming album that he promised will be different from others which were mostly Afro Jazz. A music video of the track is also available on his YouTube page.

Jah Deliver Us, implores leaders to help the world that is in turmoil with pandemics, wars and other challenges.

Jeys Marabini who now spots reggae attire designed and tailored by Man Stanley who is based in Bulawayo, said he wanted to try out something different.

“I wanted to challenge myself and do something a little bit different. I wanted to come out of my comfort zone and do a genre that people aren’t used to. Its important that people should see another side of your talent,” said Jeys Marabini.

He said the idea of doing a reggae song was birthed during the Intwasa Arts Festival in 2018.

“Ramadu Dube, Matesu Dube and myself were watching artistes perform at the car park. We spoke at length about the ups and downs of the music industry and also the genres. We then spoke about reggae and then Ramadu challenged me if I can do reggae. And I did and the response from fans is very positive,” said Jeys.

The next year Jeys Marabini said he then recorded three songs at Cite Zw Studios and when they were finished, they got lost at the studio.
He said he wanted to give up, but rerecorded the songs again at the same studio.

Jeys said he wanted to do reggae but not lose the Jeys Marabini brand.

“When I do reggae, I will do it in my own style. I want to sing in IsiNdebele and in English showing my identity. I don’t want to lose my fans who love Jeys Marabini, so this song is my take of reggae music, which is a universal sound,” said Jeys Marabini.

He said if the song is received well, he will record a full-on reggae album.

“So, fans I have recorded three reggae songs. This song is to test waters so that we hear how people receive my new take to music. So far so good with the response I have got. If this continues, I will record a full reggae album,” said Jeys.

He said he would like to thank Khaya Arts, Bolamba Culture Birds, Alexander Dance Lab who featured in the music video and Kudzi Chikomo, Rasquesity Mzoe 7 who all helped shoot, direct and produce the music video, alongside Time Blaze for the venue. The Chronicle