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Thabitha Khumalo attacked at home

Opposition MDC Alliance national chair Ms Thabitha Khumalo was on Saturday morning attacked by suspected state security agents at her home in Sauerstown, Bulawayo.

Thabitha Khumalo in hospital
Thabitha Khumalo in hospital

The party’s Bulawayo provincial spokesperson, Mr Swithern Chirowodza said they did not believe that the people who attacked Ms Khumalo were robbers but state security agents.

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“This was done in a way that is similar to what befell some of our party members in 2019 and last year. Clearly those attacks can never be similar unless they are linked therefore our position is that these were not robbers but this was a politically motivated attack,” said Mr Chirowodza.

Khumalo lost several items including a television set, laptop and three cellphones. She was treated and discharged at a local hospital, for various injuries sustained during the attack.

Chirowodza later tweeted that Khumalo “was vomiting and remains poorly following the attack. TV, three cell phones & laptop seized. Modus operandi similar to July 31, 2020 abductions.”