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Letter from America with Ken Mufuka: Mohadi falls! Who is my brother!

By Ken Mufuka (assisted by Tendai Mbofana)

Tendai Mbofana sent me some information which greatly upset me. I ignored it. Then he sent me the same information for the second time. I only write under some cloud (shave) of inspiration. At this point the information made me so angry, I woke up in the middle of the night to write this story.

Ken Mufuka
Ken Mufuka

I had been working on the untimely demise of a Philistine warlord, former vice president brother Kembo Mohadi. Four allegations of sexual misconduct while holding high office were made against him.

Some bright “chaps” at Zim-Live and Metro were excited about the scoop, but I,  knowing all the secret paths in the forest, intuitively grasped the fact that the allegations had nothing to do with a discovery of conscience among the Philistine rulers.

It was all a “charade” as another bright “chap”, Todd Moss from the US State Department has long discovered ahead of me. Do not rejoice over the untimely demise of brother Mohadi, because nothing has changed either in the operandi (the way people do business) or in their priorities.

I can share with you a piece of information in passing which has been missing from your narratives. As long as General Valerio Sibanda remains outside government, he remains relatively clean and an alternative force to reckon with. So far he has kept his wisdom to himself, as indeed General Al Sissi did in Egypt.

Therefore, common sense dictated to the Philistines that the brother general’s hands must be dirtied. If Sibanda joins the government, he has warmed himself with a thief’s fire (wadziya moto wembava).

As for Mohadi, as I had predicted, he fell into the trap. If his voice was cloned, or his telephone conversations were tapped, all those malfeasant actions were done in his office by people under his authority. Only one person is higher than the vice president. Therefore, either the tape recordings were authorized above or were an action of treachery by his subordinates.

Under those circumstances, there is no need to reply because no charges were laid against him.

Mohadi should have known that in the Philistine world in which he lived for forty years, “his desire to seek justice and clarity on the matter in which my legal team will pursue” is a waste of time.

A cry from Headman Chilonga.

As mentioned above, my attention was drawn to a cry in the wilderness by Headman Chilonga whose 10 000 strong tribe is being dispersed in order to give way for a colonialist imperialist farmer.

First, the behavior of our government resembles that of a Philistine occupying force. The Philistines were a horrible tribe, as an archeological site in the city center of one of their towns has proven.  The excavation shows that the Philistines brought huge numbers of skulls from defeated peoples to roast in the center of town while they celebrated with drunken and sexual orgies.

Their defining characteristic is their complete lack of compassion, which Bishop Desmond Tutu called lack of “human hood, and personhood.” Add to this their passion for causing untold pain on their neighbors or brothers for no reason whatever.

This is the story of Headman Chilonga and his people, first by Rhodesian colonialists and now by our own brothers, ZANU-PF revolutionary cadres.

This brings me to the purpose of my letter.  The fall of one Philistine, and I am assured that his behavior has been in the public eye for more than two decades, makes no difference whatever to government priorities.

I have before me, a government order, given under the authority of brother July Moyo. Like the colonialists, he spells Headman Tshilonga’s name wrongly.

The Shangani people were the last to be removed by the colonial government (1952-1954) from a 50 000 acre spread I favor of an American conservationist. The area sometimes known as Sililangwe ( means munorira Ingwe-where leopards cry) is today one of the most treasured conservancy in Southern Africa.

Nevertheless, Tshilonga’s people are being moved away from their ancestral home by a black government -in favor of a Dutchman Neville Coetzee.

The order, published by a black government, says, with complete indifference to the plight of the Shilonga tribesmen and ignorant of its similarity to the famous story of Queen Jezebel and her order to expel Naboth from his ancestral land.

“Any person occupying or using the land specified… is ordered to depart permanently wit all his or he property from the said land” unless that person has rights under Communicable Land Act.

You sluggard, read carefully the story below. I have a very bad prophecy for the Zimbabwe Philistines. In that day there was a man by the name of Naboth.

Naboth told the King; “I will not give thee my father’s inheritance.”  So Jezebel, the King’s wife wrote letters accusing Naboth of blasphemy.  When Naboth was stoned to death, Jezebel went to the king and said; “Get up take possession of the vineyard of Naboth. He is no longer alive.”

Brother Moyo, like Jezebel,  has concocted a kangaroo law and court, creating a situation in which Headman Chilonga’s area “shall be set aside with effect from the date of publication of this notice for the purpose of Lucerne production.”

I am not finished with this brother Moyo yet. Moyo, I am certain of it, is a stalwart nationalist revolutionary. He should know that the history of the Shangani people and their removal from what we now call the  lowveld.

Brother Moyo, with cap in hand will go to his master, Coetzee and say these words. “Get up, take possession of Chilonga’s land which he inherited from his ancestors. Chilonga is now in  a jailhouse for sedition and treason.”

Please men of Harare, and of Masvingo, are there no prophets among you? Is there no Elijah among you who will wrap his mutigida around his loins and approach this brother Moyo.

I will gird my cloth and ask the sluggard. “Who is your brother, Chilonga or Coetzee?”

I might add another question. “Have you no shame?”

Shame was an unknown quantity ever a known quantity among Philistines, but the allegations that Mukuru and Brother Moyo himself, at one time or another, were offered shares by the Dutchman Coetzee makes the whole affair stink to the high heavens.

Ken Mufuka is a Zimbabwean patriot. He can be contacted at mufukaken@gmail.com. His books are available from INNOV bookshops in Zimbabwe.)