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The other side of Olinda Chapel

By Staff Reporter

Olinda Chapel is a household name in Zimbabwe. Explosive videos on social media where she has poured her heart out about her relationships have ensured she is one of the most talked about socialites. There is one side that is the least reported, the businesswoman and philanthropist.

Socialite and businesswoman Olinda Chapel
Socialite and businesswoman Olinda Chapel

Born to her parents Richard and Anna Chapel, the 37 year old, (born Olinda Nyaradzo Chapel) is number 7 in a family of 4 boys and 4 girls. A classmate at Houghton Park Primary School in Harare says she “was always on top of her class and an all round award winner.”

The classmate who spoke to Nehanda Radio said “to many it may come as a shock but Olinda was also well known for being an athlete. Captain of her house team and also captain of the school team. Always the 100 metre champion who had many trophies in other sports like volleyball.”

Fast forward 30 years later, Olinda is married to singer, songwriter and producer Njabulo “Tytan” Nkomo and mother to three beautiful children, Sean, Jaden and Nandi.

Olinda the businesswoman

Olinda who describes herself as a “high performing, strategic professional” on her LinkedIn profile employs over 200 people in the United Kingdom and Zimbabwe via her companies Gain Healthcare Ltd, Olinda Chapel Cosmetics and the Olinda Chapel Foundation. 

Every Monday she does a live stream which she named “Motivational Monday”. She openly talks about her struggles as a female entrepreneur starting a business in a male dominated industry. The Health and Social Care sector has always been her domain of interest.

“I started off as a trainees recruitment consultant with Beresford Blake Consultants where I quickly moved up the ranks. I then worked as a Branch Manager for Nurse Plus UK where within the first 12 months I billed £1.6 million gross. Upon discovering my own talents as a recruiter I setup Gain Healthcare in 2013, which has been the centre of my success,” she told Nehanda Radio.

Away from her image as an outspoken socialite, Olinda admits she has an “obsessive compulsive need to help other women set up and run their own businesses.”

Olinda the Philanthropist

At the onset of the coronavirus pandemic last year the Olinda Chapel Foundation started feeding hundreds of homeless children every week in different parts of Zimbabwe. The foundation also distributed thousands of bags of mealie meal to the elderly in Epworth.

Epworth has always been at the centre of her philanthropic work since 2017. Some in the area jokingly referred to her as “Queen of Hearts” or “Amai Venyika”. Her philanthropy has continued to reach as many as her hand could give. Paying fees, medical bills and more for those less privileged.

You cannot deny that her life has been punctuated by drama, controversy and intrigue but like the Phoenix in Greek Mythology she seems to always rise from the ashes. Olinda is currently studying for a Law Degree and has vowed to use it to advocate for vulnerable women and children.

What does she make of past dramas?

“The past is like visiting my old home – I don’t live there anymore. It is a part of who I am. I have gone through struggles that have steered me in my current direction of wanting to help others and be a service to the community worldwide,” Olinda told Nehanda Radio.