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Kapfupi, Bisolobi for Soul Jah Love tribute song

By Walter Nyamukondiwa

Artist and comedian Freddy ‘Kapfupi’ Manjalima, a self-confessed fan of the late ZimDancehall artist Soul Jah Love, is set to release a tribute song to the revered chanter.

DJ Shugeta seen here with Kapfupi
DJ Shugeta seen here with Kapfupi

The yet to be titled song is a collaboration with his friend Bisolobi from the Democratic Republic of Congo, which will surely crack some ribs as it re-enacts a greeting the two shared at Rufaro Stadium in 2013.

It was a charity match featuring musicians and soccer legends where Kapfupi who personifies comedy in everything he does, stole the show when he arrived clad in light green woollen baby apparel.

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That unexpected outfit drew a typical rhyme from Soul Jah Love, which has stuck with Kapfupi to this day.

“Pasong iyi ndakaite zvaiita Soul Jah Love tikasangana. Takasangana kuRufaro Stadium kwaitambwa bhora nevaimbi. Ndanga ndakapfeka hembe yangu yedhoiri, Soul Jah Love bvaanditi Kapfupi wakapfeka trousers redhoiri, shirt yedhoiri, hat yedhoiri nebhutsu dzedhoiri saka uri dho… dhoiri,” said Kapfupi.

“Mashoko aita kuti tinakirwe tese tiri kubhora. I say rest in peace to Soul Jah Love. I was a fan of the ZimDancehall artist. I am a singer and an actor but I am a fan of the late artist. I recorded a song in his honour in collaboration with Bisolobi from DRC.”

The comedian who is a brand ambassador for Ethical Leaf Tobacco (ELT) said the song will be released in the next three to five days.

While normal activities have been curtailed by the Covid-19 restrictions aimed at preventing the spread of the disease, Kapfupi says he has not been idle as he was working on some singles, skits and a 30 minute film which he will unleash when the situation improves.

He hailed the corporate world including for supporting local artists during the Covid-19 restrictions which have affected the hosting of live shows and movement.

The pint-sized artists called people to heed Government’s call to observe health protocols.

“Covid-19 is real and in as much as we want to put food on the table we should avoid wanting to eat today and die tomorrow because we have exposed ourselves,” said Kapfupi. The Herald