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Ngwazi aims to put Njanja on the map

By Tafadzwa Zimoyo

Sungura musician and man-of-the-moment Mark Ngwazi has said his aim is to uplift the Njanja area where he hails from through his music.

Mark Ngwazi, who topped the radio charts last year with his popular song Taurai Madzoka
Mark Ngwazi, who topped the radio charts last year with his popular song Taurai Madzoka

Ngwazi took the opportunity to clarify that he was born in Hwedza, but his family later relocated to Njanja.

He said he named his band Njanja Express because that is where he stays and wanted to revive the area through music, following the footsteps of the late James Chimombe who hailed from the same area.

“The Njanja name came because some friends who I grew up with always call me a Njanja boy,” said Ngwazi. “I gave the band that name because I wanted to resonate and have an identity of where I am coming from right now.

“The band members do not come from Njanja, I named it also because I wanted to revive the area after the late James Chimombe who gave life to the community.”

Ngwazi also explained some about his background.

“I was born on April 18 in 1988 in Hwedza at Rusunzwe Hospital,” he said. “I am the third born in a family of seven — four boys and three girls. We later relocated to Njanja while I was very young, but I vividly remember the Hwedza area where I grew up playing in the mud before relocating to Njanja.

“I did my primary and secondary school in Njanja, but I am from Hwedza and sometimes visit the area.”

Ngwazi’s song “Taurai Madzoka”, went viral recently on social media platform TikTok after some fans imitated him while playing the song.

Some fans then queried why the musician was not on the social media platforms to claim his rights and own the glory.

Ngwazi said he had challenges with his old mobile phone.

The news reached some of his fans who bought him a Samsung Note 10 Plus, while others gave him an Itel A56.

“I am very surprised with how fans are appreciating this music,” said Ngwazi. “I am going to open a TikTok account soon after I finish an advert recording I am working on. By the way, I now have two mobile phones from my fans and some have even promised to buy me data every month, while others said they are going to deliver another mobile phone.

“I thank God for the love and support I am getting. I am going to open a TikTok account this week and would be happy to interact with my fans.” The Herald