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Are you Banda’s agents? Zifa boss Kamambo fumes during meeting

By Sikhumbuzo Moyo

ZIFA president Felton Kamambo yesterday refused to allow suspended vice-president Gift Banda’s case to be brought to finality claiming that the matter was before judiciary bodies.

Felton Kamambo
Felton Kamambo

Crucially though Kamambo tore into the councillors that had raised the matter, accusing them of having been sent by Banda, according to some councillors that attended the annual general meeting held at a Harare hotel yesterday, Kamambo said there was no need to discuss the matter because Banda has been playing hide and seek with the association, refusing to avail himself for the hearing before the Stead Kachere-led Appeals Committee.

“People were obviously divided, which is expected and not a problem and when the Banda issue was raised, it became clear who was who.

“Kamambo, sorry I can’t call him president because his behaviour fell far short of that, burst into tantrums and said why are people eager to discuss the matter before asking if those who were raising the issue were agents sent by Banda.

“It was an unexpected outburst to be honest with you.

“He said Banda himself had not complained on why the issue was dragging on and had been constantly dodging appearing before the Appeals Committee,” said one councillor.

Another councillor said besides Kamambo’s disappointing conduct, he was also pained by the generally poor level of engagement on the meeting’s business of the day, with some delegates seemingly eager to have reports sailing through without any critical analysis.

“What is clear from today’s meeting is that as councillors we are just stoogies of these guys in the executive. Previously when PSL giants Caps United, Dynamos and Highlanders spoke, the house would shake, but it’s no longer the case.

“Honestly how do you have people saying such an important meeting should just take an hour?

“I was also particularly saddened by Kamambo’s report. You know the man was telling us obvious things like there were no football activities this year due to Covid-19, telling us that FC Platinum won the 2019 Premiership title, I mean really?

“Football stakeholders must wake up and smell the coffee in the next elections.

“The problem in our football firmly lies with us councillors. For improved football, a massive overhaul of the congress delegates is needed,” said the councillor. The Chronicle