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Bushiri says he is looking forward to starting trial and proving innocence

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri said he looks forward to the day when he can start his trial so he can prove his innocence.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and wife Mary
Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and wife Mary

Bushiri and his wife Mary skipped the country this week defying their bail conditions.

They were arrested on fraud and money laundering charges linked to a R100 million investment scheme.

The pair are in the home country of Malawi, saying they fear for their lives in South Africa.

Bushiri has made several demands to authorities here before he can come back home.

He wants the authority investigating his case to recuse themselves and for the South African government to guarantee they will not revoke this bail.

“I am temporarily in Malawi to launch serious concerns to the government of Malawi to seriously help me with the counterpart, South Africa because I fear for my safety.” Eye Witness News