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MDC Alliance targets registering 1 million voters ahead of 2023 election

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro

The MDC Alliance led by Nelson Chamisa has launched a 1 million voter registration campaign to boost the number of the main opposition’s balloters ahead of 2023 harmonised elections.

Nelson Chamisa addresses thousands in Harare
Nelson Chamisa addresses thousands in Harare

The party’s national executive council member Descent Collins Bajila confirmed at a meeting in Bulawayo.

“There were so many issues that were discussed but the key takeaway was the launch of the one-million youth campaign where we are looking forward to registering one million first-time voters. We want them to participate in the next election regardless of when it will come,” he said.

MDC Alliance youth secretary general Gift Ostallos Siziba in a statement listed six resolutions made during the launch of the 1 million voter registration

Nelson Chamisa addresses thousands in Harare ahead of the 2018 elections

“We held a successful MDC Alliance Youth Assembly National Council in this city of kings this weekend- below are the key resolutions made:

1. Prepare for action- a radical mass mobilisation program to energise the base, organise communities and fight dictatorship.

2. Defend the people’s project with utmost precision.

3. Launch I Million Youth campaign in all Provinces as a harbinger of a radically different Youth Assembly.

4. Take the Youth Assembly back to the rural areas- Focus on rural Youth mobilisation, voter education and economic empowerment programs.

5. Initiate a Political education program as a grassroots class consciousness drive for young people.

6. Join forces with the progressive Youth Movements in and around Zimbabwe to form a formidable fight against military dictatorship in the country. Nehanda Radio