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Businessman in court for unauthorised borrowing

By Nkosizile Ndlovu

Bulawayo businessman Garikai Matanhire has been arraigned before the court for allegedly driving a vehicle belonging to his client without the consent of the owner.

Garikai Matanhire
Garikai Matanhire

Matanhire, of Sunninghill suburb, who runs BMW Centre in the city, last week appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Mr Shepherd Munjanja facing charges of unauthorised borrowing or use of property without consent when he allegedly drove Mr Tinashe Collen Nhananga’s vehicle without the latter’s consent. Mr Nhananga is the managing director of CAG Travellers.

Matanhire was not asked to plead and was remanded out of custody on his own cognisance until tomorrow.

The State’s case as presented by the prosecutor, Mr Terrence Chakabuda, is that on 18 September, at Number 5 Iron Bridge Road in Belmont, Matanhire and the complainant had an agreement that he would fix the complainant’s BMW 320 model at the complainant’s workshop at a cost of US$600.

However, Matanhire allegedly fuelled the motor vehicle in question at the complainant’s workshop and drove it to his garage without the consent of the complainant.

“The accused person went on to unlawfully take the complainant’s vehicle and drove it to his garage at BMW Centre along Bristol Road without consulting or consent from the complainant.

“He breached the contract on which they had agreed with the intention to temporarily deprive the complainant of his car. He held onto the vehicle arguing that he would only release it when the complainant had fully paid the money that they had agreed on. Up to now the accused person is still keeping the complainant’s property at his garage,” said Mr Chakabuda. The Sunday News