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Mutsvangwa stoking “bloody confrontation between tribes” – ZAPU

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro

The opposition Zimbabwe African People’s Union (ZAPU) has claimed that there is a serious danger of bloody confrontation between tribes in Zimbabwe following unbridled divisive hate speech and outbursts on Catholic Bishops by Information minister Monica Mutsvangwa.

Information minister Monica Mutsvangwa (Picture by AFP)
Information minister Monica Mutsvangwa (Picture by AFP)

Mutsvangwa attacked the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops Conference (ZCBC) using all sorts of derogatory language after the clergymen condemned the wanton human rights violations and clampdown on opposition activists amid escalating political tensions.

Last Friday, ZCBC released a statement condemning President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s under-fire administration for being perpetrators of the political and economic crisis in Zimbabwe.

The pastoral letter was signed by ZCBC president Archbishop Charles Ndlovu, Archbishop Alex Thomas (ZCBC deputy president), and bishops Paul Horan (ZCBC secretary and treasurer), Michael Bhasera (Masvingo), Albert Serrano (Hwange), Rudolf Nyandoro (Gokwe) and Raymond Mupandasekwa (Chinhoyi).

Responding to Mutsvangwa’s statement, Zapu spokesperson Iphithule Maphosa accused her of singling out for strong rebuke, Ndebele priest, Robert Ndlovu adding that it was tribalistic.

Zapu accused Mutsvangwa family of authoring a tribalistic statement meant to antagonise the Ndebele people and remind them about the Gukurahundi Genocide where 20 000 civilians were killed.

The operation was allegedly led by Mnangagwa when he was a minister under late former president Robert Mugabe in the 1980s.

“A serious danger of bloody confrontation between the tribes in Zimbabwe may follow the reckless but telling tribalism song by the Mutsvangwas using government departments and stationery.

“The consequent escalation of this conflict, which has been simmering for far too long now, throughout the whole region, subcontinent needs no mention,” read the statement.

“The mother party, concerned by the need for equality of the Zimbabwean people, respect of their constitutional and natural rights, as well as the need for a peaceful co existence of its citizens, is compelled, not because it is deserved, to respond to the tribalistic diatribe that has been written by one Monica Mutsvangwa’s husband and signed by the wife on a government letterhead.

“The piece, purportedly a government’s response to the Catholic Bishop’s Conference long overdue letter reminding the regime of the most basic tenets of good leadership and acceptable governance, raises a number of worrying issues that need to be urgently and sustainably addressed if the country is to be rescued from the carnivorous regime of Zanu PF.

“Compelled by basic conscience, it is imperative to state that the Mnangagwa and Zanu PF regime, by its clearly tribalist, dominance and oppressive policies since 1980, is largely responsible for the injustices which have provoked and continue to do so, the present disorder and hatred between and amongst the people of this country. The regime is guilty of numerous incidences of rights abuses, crimes against humanity and an open policy of tribalism and ethnic supremacy.

“Pursuant of its evil and destructive policy, coupled with the impunity the regime has enjoyed, it is not surprising to see a couple, cocooned between corruptly acquired linen sheets, convert to ink their disdain, hatred and disrespect of the Ndebele people of Zimbabwe, using the government letterhead as the vehicle of delivery.

“The ministry of information, which is not new to this kind of conspiracy against a section of the Zimbabwean society after Energy Mutodi released similar vomit recently, has been again chosen as a platform for stoking both emotions and further hatred between the people,” Zapu said.

Zimbabwe has not undergone a genuine national healing process and Mutsvangwa’s reckless statements are likely to fuel animosities between the Shona and Ndebele ethnic groups in the country.

Zapu added: “The tribalist diatribe from Monica Mutsvangwa and her husband is testament of Zanu PF’s long practiced divide and rule tactics. The singling out of Bishop Robert Ndlovu from the collective who signed the letter, as well as attack on his person, ethnic persuasion and extraction as well as the collective Ndebele people is synonymous with historically recorded machinations by this regime whenever they intend to spill blood on a larger scale.

Mutsvangwa also exhibits, on hers and Zanu PF behalf, traits of unrepentant genocidists who are even prepared and agitating for the repeat of the 1980s Gukurahundi on the Ndebele people.

“The policy has been that of marginalisation, collective hatred and elimination of everything Ndebele since the days of Robert Mugabe. This has ignited and fed the flame of Ndebele resistance to the regime, with calls for restoration and cessation getting louder as louder as justifiably genuine, trashing the forced and imposed but failing Unitarianism of the Zimbabwean state.

“It is the responsibility of every Zimbabwean citizen, African and world citizen to call the regime in Harare to order. It is our responsibility to ensure the loss of lives on the account of tribe, majority or minority, as is being instigated by Monica Mutsvangwa through the ministry of information is not repeated in Zimbabwe.

“It is the duty of all citizens of the world to protect the Ndebele people of Zimbabwe, who have become undignified under a tribalist supremacy system in Zimbabwe and also stateless under the Zanu PF regime.

“The people have been under siege since the Zanu PF ethnic occult came into existence with so much loss of life and livelihoods since the party came into power. Today, the world must stand warned and alerted of yet another episode of violence against the Righteous Ndebele Minority in Zimbabwe, from none other than the Zimbabwean government,” Zapu added. Nehanda Radio