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Kundishora implicated in NetOne wars

By Evans Mathanda

The permanent secretary in the ministry of ICT Postal and Courier Services engineer Sam Kundishora is currently embroiled in the NetOne woes after writing a self implicating letter to various arms of government.

The permanent secretary in the ministry of ICT Postal and Courier Services engineer Sam Kundishora
The permanent secretary in the ministry of ICT Postal and Courier Services engineer Sam Kundishora

In his shocking letter that he wrote to Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission, ministry of Home affairs, police commissioner, Attorney General and President’s Office, Kundishora classically implicates himself in a desperate attempt to exonerate Susan Mutangadura who is reportedly wanted by police for questioning.

“The ministry did not advise NetOne on the appointment of Mr Douglas Mamvura and as far as the ministry is concerned Dr Mamvura never attended any meetings of the Netone board and never at any stage participated at Netone as a board member ” wrote Kundishora.

While the permanent secretary clearly takes the responsibility of informing NetOne Board members, he entangles self in the mess by selectively forgetting to mention why he found it fit for him not to inform the same board.

Ironically it is the permanent secretary who initiated the same process that appointed Dr Mamvura before asking the line ministry to approve of the same for presidential assent.

Engineer Kundishora does not deny the fact that the letter below was legitimate and formally appointed Dr Mamvura as Netone Board, neither does the permanent shed light into who informed Dr Mamvura of the same appointment.

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If the ministry clearly advised Dr Mamvura of the appointment as stated in this indisputable letter, the permanent secretary must be brought to account and explain why he deliberately chose not to inform NetOne Board of his appointment as he clearly admits.

His letter copied to various law and security Arms Raises eyebrows and must be treated with possible criminal and conflation motives, not fit for an Honorable permanent secretary.

Engineer Kundishora unfortunately invited himself to the Netone Board squabbles stating that they must not face perjury charges since they were ignorant of the appointment, a blatant lie he supports with a written document as evidenced by correspondence done by him on behalf of the ministry and Dr Mamvura.

Dr Mamvura was appointed 29 October 2019 by then ICT Postal and Courier Services Minister Kazembe Kazembe, now Home Affairs Minister.

Mamvura was however not invited to subsequent board meetings by the ministry. despite the board, through the company secretary Tinashe Severa having been advised about his appointment.

Sources close to the development stated that Dr Mamvura was once whisked away from a NetOne Board meeting by ministry official under unclear circumstances.

The conflicting narrative by engineer Kundishora was deliberately made to fool law enforcement and the judiciary to rule in favour of the arrested board member and desperately tries to exonerate Mutangadura who is already on police wanted list under the same charges.

Mutangadura is reportedly on the run as police assistant commissioner Paul Nyathi indicated that they have invited her to police station but has not yet turned up after a week.

While many people have believed that NetOne boardroom squabbles were purely technical, the new narrative by the permanent secretary brings us back to the origins of the Netone troubles which saw 4 board members resign enmasse due to unprofessional conduct.

The board members who resigned are man and woman of high integrity who are already successfully running other ordinal enterprises, while the permanent secretary decided to take side with remaining desperate board members. NewsDay