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Chimombe family, disputed son bury the hatchet

By Muchaneta Chimuka

South Africa-based musician Davitah Chimombe, who has been at the centre of disputes in the Chimombe family after his revelation that he is son to the late James Chimombe, was finally accepted into the family following a gathering held last weekend in Glen Norah, Harare.

Davitah Chimombe
Davitah Chimombe

Davitah has been begging for acceptance into the family over the past years saying he neither wanted fame nor properties left behind by his father, but acceptance as one of the members.

His sister Tendai was among those vocal in denying that Davitah was their blood.

They took him as a musician who was desperate to use the late legend’s name for fame, but everything changed last weekend when the family took him as one of their own.

The late James Chimombe’s brother, Donald who chaired the meeting said Davitah’s mother once came with her child on the back while she was breastfeeding hence they knew him from the onset.

“This incident is not new in our family where people come to reunite with us when they are fully grown up. As for Davitah, I knew him since he was very young when he came with his mother at his father’s funeral some 30 years ago,” said Donald.

He said it had taken long for the forgotten son to be accepted because the family had to be in agreement over the issue.

“We did not conduct DNA tests for him to be accepted by the family, but we identified him through the physical features that are similar to our clan.

‘‘It’s taboo for one to claim that he or she belongs to a certain family while it’s fake.

‘‘Davitah is our son and we are planning a welcome party once he comes back to Zimbabwe and we want you reporters to be present,” he said.

Davitah struggled to gain recognition although he claimed to have documents to prove that he is indeed part of the Chimombe family. He said he was relieved to finally share a table with his family members.

“I’m doing my personal businesses here in South Africa and I’m very happy to hear that my own family has accepted me as their prodigal son,” said Davitah from his SA base.

“All I wanted over the years was a link with my family so that we can keep this music legacy alive.

“ I do not want anything from them and from now onwards I will attend family programmes without shame. I hope to come and meet my family once Covid-19-related lockdown is over.

‘‘I heard the family is planning to throw a reunion party as per our African culture of welcoming be home and into the family,” he said.

“Why would I lie when I have proof? Like I said earlier on, I am not after riches if there are any, but I just want recognition which is important in our culture.

“I know my sister Tendai won’t take this lightly when you ask her about me but she is also a child like myself. I have been trying to reach out to her but she called me a fraudster, which is very bad. I would not fight her as such, but the truth has been told.”

Tendai, who used to dismiss Davitah’s claims as nonsensical, is said to have agreed to the resolutions made by the elders at the family meeting although she did not attend.

“Tendai is not here because she is locked up in Zambia but we informed her that we have accepted Davitah as our son and she said she can no longer dispute it since it’s the word of the elders and she hopes to meet with his brother or even exchange contacts, hence we are all in agreement with what we discussed here,” said one the family members who attended the meeting.

Davitah was born on 15 March 1981 and is the third born child in a family seven children.

The late Chimombe’s children include Tendai, Freddy (late), Lindah, Linden, Kudakwashe (late), Donald Tatenda and the new comer Davitah. The Herald