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Chimombe ‘son’ fights for recognition

By Abel Ndooka

South Africa based crooner Davitah Chimombe, who claims to be the late legend James Chimombe’s forgotten son, is begging for acceptance in the family.

James Chimombe
James Chimombe

Davitah, who has been plying his trade across the Limpopo for a while, said he did not want anything from the family other than recognition.

The talented crooner, who is set to launch his album online next month, said he wanted to be linked with his family and keep the music legacy alive.

“I do not want anything from them, I just want them to acknowledge me that I am one of them that’s all.

“This issue has been affecting me over the years and I have come to a point where I could not give up on my wish to be recognised,” he said.

Asked whether he has proof that he was indeed Chimombe’s son, he said:

“I know many people would say I am after their riches or fame but I am part of them I have everything to show for it.

“I have every document to prove what I am saying, this is not coming from nowhere.

“Why would I lie because I have proof. Like I said earlier on, I am not after their riches if there are any but I just want recognition which is important in our culture.”

Davitah said he has since clashed with Chimombe’s eldest child Tendai, who disowned him.

“I know my sister (Tendai) won’t take this lightly when you ask her about me but she is also a child like myself.

“I have been trying to reach out to her but she called me a fraud, which is very bad.

“I would not fight her as such but the truth shall set me free once the time is right; I know they will surely accept me soon and recognise me because we are of the same blood.

“At the moment, I am concentrating on my career but recognition is what I want,” he added.

In another interview, Tendai who is the eldest child of the late Chimombe, dismissed claims by Davitah as crazy and nonsensical.

She said her family does not know Davitah adding that he was a ‘fraud’ trying to look for fame using her late father’s name but he will not succeed.

“He is crazy we do not know him in our family, you can even ask any member of our family from father’s brothers to our cousins, they do not know this character,” she said.

“I will ask one of my father’s younger brothers to tell me his history and will share with you.

“This guy we do not even know him and we have never had his name anywhere,” she said. H-Metro