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Buyanga exposes Drax, Mnangagwa relationship

Businessman Frank Buyanga has exposed Drax International representative Delish Nguwaya and Collins Mnangagwa’s relationship in a letter of complaint to Chief Justice Luke Malaba over their involvement in the battle for guardianship of his minor child.

Frank Buyanga
Frank Buyanga

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s son, Collins, has been denying involvement in Drax International which is at the centre of a corruption storm after being given a US$60 million tender by the Health ministry without following due process.

In his letter to Chief Justice Malaba on May 8, Buyanga complained of Collins and Nguwaya’s involvement in his family affairs, saying they were unruly elements that approached the High Court bench to influence judgments.

“I refer to the case of Chantelle Mutuswa and Frank Buyanga Sadiqi HC2149/20 which your learned colleague Justice Manzunzu presided over. My fears were confirmed as the matter was decided against me. I, therefore, wish to raise my complaints with the office of the Chief Justice of Zimbabwe,” Buyanga said.

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“I genuinely believe there is interference in the execution of judicial decisions from external forces. There is one Collins and a close Mnangagwa family companion, Nguwaya, together with other unruly elements that include Mallan Zorodzi Chiswa, who has links to the Mutuswa family, have approached the bench with the sole intention of influencing the decision-making process. My investigations have revealed that they are poking their noses in my domestic affairs to the detriment of my interests.”

Buyanga also wrote to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission on April 12 alleging interference in his family matters by Collins. At the weekend, Collins denied being connected to either Nguwaya or Drax International.

The firm inflated prices of N95 masks used to control the spread of COVID-19 from US$4 to US$28 and prices of protective personal equipment from US$20 each to US$90.

Drax, which was listed as one of the Health ministry suppliers, was given the contract without going to tender. News Day