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All eyes seem to be on Saka….. but

By Gooner Daniel Molokele

I do not doubt that Bukayo Saka is one of the most promising teenagers we have seen in a long time. Initially he was in obscurity but he has defied the odds and forced his way to the centre stage of late. I am really impressed by his high level of talent and sheer determination.

Bukayo Sako and Gabriel Martinelli
Bukayo Sako and Gabriel Martinelli (Collage by Arsenal Devils)

He certainly deserves all the plaudits that have been showered upon him. However for me the teenager who has really stolen my heart and captured my entire imagination is actually not Saka

On the contrary l have been so inspired by Gabriel Martinelli. Oh what a real teenage sensation he is. He really caught my attention in the games against West Ham and away at Liverpool in the Carabao cup defeat

But it was during the draw away at Chelsinki that l was totally blown away by the teen Brazilian. The work rate he exuded and the maturity he displayed was just out of this world!

He was totally sensational!

Hey, we are talking about a teenager who until recently was playing his trade in a lower division in Brazil. Yet he defied the odds at Stamford bridge with a man of the match performance that almost brought the entire soccer planet to a standstill.

The counter attack goal that he scored on that night automatically became my only strong contender for the Arsenal goal of the season.

Oh my word! What a huge goal that was!

When ever l am feeling down or low these days, I always look for the video of the goal, and after watching it several times my mood just soars. Even better, the away game at Chelsinki is also rated in my own book as the only strong contender for my favourite game of the season.

The Gunners proved that night that they have undergone an extreme makeover since Arteta took over our beloved team. I am 100% certain that if the game was played under Emery we would have been thrashed after what seemed to be a very disastrous start.

I was one of the people who was quick to write off our team after red card and the early goal against us. Yet the team defied the odds and rose to the occasion like a kite on a beautiful summer afternoon

And in my view, it was that spectacular run on the counter attack by Martinelli that represented the resilience of our beloved Gunners.

It was indeed Martinelli who made the really big difference. I really hope he can continue to build his career momentum from that particular performance and continue to rise and shine

If he continues on this sparkling form, I certainly have no doubt that Arsenal has unearthed yet another priceless gem.

Vamos Martinelli vamos!