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I never got preferential treatment: Buyanga

By Precious Chida

SOUTH AFRICA-BASED businessman, Frank Buyanga has denied receiving illegal assistance from the Registrar-General (RG) Clement Masango following allegations that he was issued with a passport for his son under dubious circumstances.

Frank Buyanga
Frank Buyanga

Masango, who was arrested on Wednesday, is facing two counts of abuse of office over purchase of vehicles for the Central Registry Department.

He is also accused of taking seven vehicles for the department for personal use at his farm. But Buyanga said allegations that he got a passport for his child under dubious circumstances were fictitious.

“Our client, Frank Buyanga, has found his name being drawn into a fictitious and vexatious scandal aimed at dragging him into disrepute, amid a political ploy against him,” Buyanga’s lawyers, William Wilcock said in a statement yesterday.

“We wish to advise that Mr Buyanga has never received any illegal or irregular assistance from any member of any government department, including RG Clement Masango and Buyanga’s attorneys in Zimbabwe are in the process of appealing the erroneous court order granted by Justice Manzunzu.”

The allegations of receiving illegal assistance from Masango comes after the court ruled in favour of Buyanga in 2019 when his ex-girlfriend Chantelle Muteswa’s attorney was obligated to hand over his minor child’s passport to him.

Justice Jacob Manzunzu later overturned that victory on appeal.

Wilcock added: “There is a political plot against Buyanga that finds him being accused of illegal activities and even being called a ‘fugitive’ while he has never been found guilty of any criminal action in Zimbabwe.” NewsDay