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Sibanengi Dube: The slippery serpents who ambushed MDC-A leadership

By Sibanengi Dube

Snakes emerged from an arms’ length without any warning and ambushed the MDC A leadership and membership with lethal venom. The slippery serpents were only noticed when their air-bound wiggling heads were already pumping fatal poison into the MDC A ’soul.

Sibanengi Dube is a Zimbabwean journalist based in South Africa
Sibanengi Dube is a Zimbabwean journalist based in South Africa

Nothing had prepared the MDC A community for such Judas Iscariot levels of deception. Ndipo paya paunodzwa konzi, mwana wamai taita nyoka mumba. Manje idzi nyoka dzaita mumagumbeze chaimo. Isu kwedu kuMberengwa kunonzi wandicheka nerakagomara.

Relaxed at home with siblings supposedly enjoying maximum security and comfort only for your two brothers to turn into black mambas and start deflating venom in your bloodstream at close range.

I can imagine how other MDC A leaders were amazed as they walked out of the court room after the ‘Coronavirus’ judgement was announced when Morgen Komichi triumphantly, pulled out a four page typed statement and started reading.

I am sure they assumed that as an elder man among them, he was about to calm down the nerves of his youngsters with biblical verses and words of encouragement. Can we imagine the shock which gripped them when the old man started spewing directives as the ‘Party Chairman?’

He ordered his boss Nelson Chamisa to surrender party property to him or his new companion Douglas Mwonzora, who welcomed the judgement as his elevation to the Party’s Secretary General position. Vakomana! Imwivoimwi!

They both started singing from a Zanu PF hymnbook, dismissing MDC A as a loose coalition and not necessarily a Political party. With the speed of lightning they swore their allegiance to Thokozani Khupe who they paraded as the legitimate Acting president of MDC.

They flip-flopped like book pages in broad daylight much to the shock of their comrades who expected credibility from them. Like a well-rehearsed movie script, police in riot gear sealed Harvest House in anticipation of the arrival of ‘madam’ Khupe.

Machete wielding buffoons mushroomed from thin air to safeguard the ’triumphal entry’ of her ‘majesty’ into Harvest House which she abandoned while Tsvangirai was still alive.

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Not even the Coronavirus lockdown could deter, police and maShurugwi from congregating in their thousands to push the political agenda of their master ‘side kick.

By then Komichi changa chisingachitsiki pasi. He was literally lifted from the podium into a 4×4 Toyota Fortuner and driven home under a heavy police escort. A few minutes later Mwonzora’s round face was plastered with a wide smile stretching from ear to ear as he addressed a press conference which was most attended by state media journalists.

He fell short of barking, “Pamberi neZanu PF.”

Some even claim that Komichi openly spewed “ED Pfee” mantra. Since then Komichi and Mwonzora faces have become screen savers on ZBC presented as voices of wisdom within MDC. And we all know what this implies. Isn’t?

Of course the onslaught will continue under the cover of Coronavirus. Hiding behind the vague court judgement, the rebels will eventually take over Harvest House. A script is being perfected to pave way for, clandestine operation to recall all MDC A deployees on PR lists in both Parliament and Senator with the connivance of the Speakers.

All signs are pointing towards that. A new wave of trumped up charges will follow those resisting Komichi and Mwonzora orders. What they will however fail to achieve is winning the hearts of Chamisa’s followers. Why are we witnessing such kind of Hollywood drama in the main opposition?

All protagonists dominating the plot have no option except to place dirt to salvage their waning political careers. One needs to be insane not to see ED’s hand who correctly views Chamisa-Biti combination as his major political headache.

He will exploit the situation to the maximum to temporarily allow himself to get some sleep. Remember ED never enjoyed any rest since he was fired from Zanu PF and government by the late Robert Mugabe.

After the coup, he had General Chiwenga to contend with who never missed an opportunity to remind him ‘kuti tisu takakuisa uye tisu tichakubvisa.’ After the elections more trouble followed after rigging elections as Chamisa joined Chiwenga in demanding chinhu chake from Ngwena.

The croc found an ally in Khupe who rose to the MDC T Vice Presidency under a tribal balance and gender proxy with the blessing of Tsvangirai. So her political demise started immediately thereafter the death of her saviour Tsvangirai, only to be resuscitated through a ‘fish feeding’ operation in Kwekwe.

It won’t be surprising if she is already plying her MDC business from the Shake Shake building. The angry Komichi bvei chohakirawo ipapo nekuti chine nehondo yacho naChamisa. He felt like Chamisa was sideling him after he lost the Vice Presidency to Tendai Biti and Welshman Ncube.

Dougie Dougie has always exhibited elements of entitlement to the Party Presidency even during Tsvangirai’s time. He regards himself as amazing. Since the Gweru congress, he has been a snake in the grass waiting to launch a lethal raid at an opportune time.

He couldn’t stomach his thunderous defeat he suffered in the hands of the reigning Secretary General Charlton Hwende. As it stands, they can usurp everything the military can muscle in, but will still remain politically poor and inferior without the support of party members.

Sibanengi Dube is a Zimbabwean journalist based in South Africa