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Econet not closing

Econet has distanced itself from claims that it had shut down its shops due to the coronavirus epidemic. This follows a social media post purportedly from an Econet employee claiming the company was not opening from tomorrow due to coronavirus.

Outside the Econet Wireless headquarters in Harare
Outside the Econet Wireless headquarters in Harare

“While we are taking all the necessary steps and precautions to protect our staff and customers at this time, there is no truth whatsoever in claims that we have ‘declared a national shutdown’,” Econet spokesman said.

“It is not our place or responsibility to make any such public healthcare pronouncements which we believe are the prerogative of the government and public healthcare experts.

“Our shops will be open tomorrow (Monday) and Econet will continue to offer its services to the public, albeit in a manner that is safe for our staff and customers, unless or until the situation changes.”

In collaboration with the Government through the Ministry of Health and Childcare, with the City of Harare and other partners, Econet has been working at raising public awareness of the Covid-19 global epidemic, and how the public can stay safe and protect itself from contracting the virus. The Herald