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Zim cricketer up for rape

By Zvikomboreo Parafini

The trial of cricketer and Chevrons player Timysen Hlahla Maruma who is facing rape charges kicked of with the accused pleading innocent before regional magistrate Themba Kuwanda.

Timysen Hlahla Maruma (Picture by TinPO Media)
Timysen Hlahla Maruma (Picture by TinPO Media)

Maruma, 31, was arrested for rape just after his tour of duty in Bangladesh with the Chevrons.  He stands accused of raping an acquaintance and appeared 

It is alleged that Maruma and the complainant both reside in Highfield and on December 26 last year, the complainant was going home from a funeral.

She was in the company of Maruma and another acquaintance she only knows as Roy.

The court heard that along the way, Maruma dropped his friend first and as he drove towards the complainant’s house, he asked her to kiss him and she refused.

Maruma then locked all the car doors and lowered the seat on which she was sitting on before he moved over to her and raped her, the court heard.

After the act, he unlocked the door and she went away.

The complainant is said to have contacted her friend who advised her to make a police report which she made on February 5 this year.

Maruma denied the charges saying he never raped her but in fact, he had consensual sex with her.

He further said they were still in constant communication after the incident and produced transactions of when he sent her money through a mobile money service.

Valarie Ngoma appeared for the State. H Metro