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‘There was never hostility from my end’ Olinda says after lunch with Mai Titi

By Esther Gomo

A picture of sharp-tongued comedian Mai Titi and socialite Olinda Chapel having lunch in the UK has gone viral sparking speculation over the nature of the meeting given their frosty history.

Mai Titi and Olinda Chapel
Mai Titi and Olinda Chapel

Speaking to Nehanda Radio however, Olinda was calm about the development telling us;

“There was never hostility from my end. As you know I am a huge advocate for women empowerment and women uplifting each other, no matter the circumstances.”

“And that is what we will be promoting this year through our level up tour with the likes of Carole Nyakudya, Auntie Jenny and Edith Chibhamu and many more other influential females from the Zimbabwean Community.”

Reached for comment Mai Titi was a bit evasive, telling us “Nop it was just lunch.”

There is however no escaping the fact both women have something in common right now, in recovering from break-ups with much younger lovers, who came to the UK.

Olinda broke up with musician Tytan Nkomo while Mai Titi was only last week pouring her heart out over claims that (another singer) Zizoe Pamyk exploited her to get into the UK.