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Chamvary apologises to Lorraine Guyo after outburst over unpaid MC fees

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro

Power FM DJ Rumbidzai Mugwira, known as Chamvary, has apologised to actress Lorraine Guyo after initially slamming her on social media for owing her money for the role she played as Master of Ceremony during her birthday at the Harare International Conference Centre (HICC).

Lorraine Guyo and Chamvary
Lorraine Guyo and Chamvary

Chamvary, on Monday, caused a social stir when she publicly scolded the “Ndinyengeiwo” skit actress and threatened to go public and expose Guyo if she failed to pay her.

Chamvary claimed to have settled the issue with Guyo adding that lessons were learnt by both.

“I would like to acknowledge the apology from @lorraine_y_guyo and also express my apology to her and her fans for the way I reacted on Monday.

“An agreement was made between Lorraine and myself when she engaged me to MC at her party and the agreement had its conditions which were not honoured as we had agreed on Saturday and Sunday before the party.

“Things did not go according to plan on Sunday including the communication thereafter, and one thing led to another which resulted in me getting very frustrated & posting in anger and both of us ended up being dragged and ridiculed on social media platforms.

“Once again, my apologies go out to everyone who was affected by this including both our families and friends. We live to learn, and a lot of lessons have been drawn from this – on both ends.

“Lorraine and I have settled this issue and are now moving on from it. I wish her well in her current and future endeavours,” Chamvary said.

On her birthday, Guyo booked the HICC which holds about 7000 people, charging USD$10 a head. 

The show was a flop with low attendance despite Guyo having a huge number of followers on social media.

Local comedian Felistas Murata, known as Mai Titi also mocked Guyo on Facebook by saying “Ungatembe kubhadhara vanhu nemari yegate entrance, gate entrance yakambo bhadhara vanhu? (how did you plan to use the entrance fee to pay your debts.”

Mai Titi claimed that Lorraine was being used by people to attack her on social media.

However, Prosper Ngomashi popularly known as Comic Pastor sprung to the defence of Guyo adding that the actress was trying her best as she has “converted a bad start to a good brand.”

“She is not the Best Comedian in Zimbabwe, She has never claimed to be the best, she tries just like all of us, she is not rich she only converted a bad start to a good brand she is growing, she is YOUNG.

“Allow this mwana to make mistakes grow and be herself without pulling her down I respect and adore Lorraine’s hustle she is not a competitor but a sister go go little girl go if you don’t succeed try again.” Nehanda Radio