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11-year-old killed in crocodile attack

By Jesse Ncube

An 11-year-old boy from Binga was killed by a crocodile while swimming in a stream at Binga Centre.

The crocodile with the missing man's remains
File picture of a crocodile with a missing man’s remains

Munkuli Amusomi (11) a Grade Five pupil at Malube Primary School was swimming with other kids when a crocodile allegedly dragged him into the deeper part of the stream.

Acting Binga district coordinator, Mr Farai Marinyane, confirmed the incident which happened last week on Friday at around 5PM.

“I can confirm receiving a report of a fatal crocodile attack.

“A young boy was dragged into deep waters at a stream at Binga Centre.

“Police attended the scene and retrieved the body,” said Mr Marinyane.

Mr Marinyane said the crocodile has been causing havoc in the area as it moves from one stream to another targeting goats and cows.

“The crocodile has been a problem in the Siabuwa area, attacking villagers’ animals especially during the rainy seasons and it’s sad that this time it has taken human life,” he said.

Mr Marinyane said the increasing number of deaths due to crocodile attacks were worrying and warned villagers to be careful.

Last year in November, an 11-year-old boy from Binga was killed by a crocodile while fishing at Back Harbour in Lake Kariba.

The crocodile was shot dead by Zimparks rangers while it was still holding onto the boy’s body but some body parts had already been devoured. The Chronicle