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Stung by ‘bhibho’ skit, Mai Titi labels Lorraine Guyo an ‘upcoming prostitute’

By Esther Gomo | Nehanda Showbiz |

A skit by actress and model Lorraine Guyo appearing to mock Mai Titi has backfired spectacularly after the fiery comedian labelled Guyo an “upcoming prostitute” who was notorious for her “deadly gossip” and allegedly sleeping around with married men at her lodgings in Eastlea, Harare.

Mai Titi and Lorraine Guyo
Mai Titi and Lorraine Guyo

The drama began after Guyo uploaded a skit in which she mocked an unnamed woman with a ‘bhibho’ haircut comparing it to that of sungura musician Sulumani Chimbetu and then appearing to mock the woman for dating a Ben 10 (younger lover), an apparent reference to singer Zizoe Pamyk.

Mai Titi took to her Facebook account and recorded a LIVE video in which tore into Guyo. She said she was proud of her relationship with the much younger Zizoe because ‘at least’ he was single and loved her whereas Guyo was allegedly dating “old men” who had “no protein” in their manhoods.

She told Guyo to move on from her “heartbreak” with socialite and rapper Thomas Chizhanje, claiming her skit was fuelled by jealousy because Guyo thought Chizhanje fancied her (Mai Titi). The comedian even threatened to visit Guyo at her lodgings in Eastlea to confront her.

Watch what happened below

WATCH Lorraine Guyo dissing Mai Titi and her response