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“I have no ambitions to be President” says Sikhala as he mocks Charamba

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro

Outspoken politician and current Vice Chairman of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), Job ‘Wiwa’ Sikhala has rejected as ZANU PF propaganda, allegations that he is a project of the Americans aiming to seize power in the MDC and lead a violent takeover of government.

Outspoken opposition MDC MP and lawyer Job Sikhala

This comes after President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s spokesperson George Charamba on his microblogging Twitter handle @Jamwanda2, said Sikhala was being sponsored by the Americans to topple the main opposition leadership before confronting Mnangagwa’s regime.

“Nothing underlines leadership crisis in MDC than the way its supporters – mainly overseas – hop from one situational person to another for leadership.

“Today these despairing supporters join the Americans in cultivating Sikhala for confrontational leadership. He will come unstuck,” Charamba said.

In a statement, Sikhala warned Charamba and Mnangagwa’s security to stop their agenda of dividing the opposition party.

Sikhala vowed to honour the MDC congress that came up with the current leadership.

“Let it be clear to George Charamba and their released dogs that, the MDC leadership as constituted at the Gweru congress with the People’s President Advocate Nelson Chamisa as our head, Hon Tendai Biti, Professor Welshman Ncube and Hon Lynette Karenyi-Kore as the Vice Presidents and Hon Thabitha Khumalo as the chair and deputised by myself will never be changed as constituted under whatever circumstances.

Sikhala said he was still loyal to the MDC leader Nelson Chamisa and he had no intentions of removing him from power as per Gweru Congress of last year.

“The enemy is now shaking and quaking. They are coming on us full throttle. I have noticed with anger and anguish the desperate attempts by the department of counter intelligence of the Central Intelligence Office (CIO), the military intelligence and the office of Emmerson Mnangagwa calling itself the Office of the President and Cabinet(OPC), pushing hard a narrative to destroy and sow seeds of division in the people’s party through by running with a nauseating narrative to shuffle the MDC leadership as constituted by the Gweru congress.”

“The narrative by George Charamba as confirmed by his post on his Twitter handle @Jamwanda that I am a project of the Americans to seize power in the MDC and lead a violent takeover of government is a mere regime attempt to cause maximum divisions in the people’s party, assertions that have got no takers.

“Leadership in our democratic movement is installed at a congress. Besides that I have got no ambitions to be the President of the movement at all. Not today, tomorrow or in the future.

“I have got full faith in the leadership of my President Advocate Nelson Chamisa, who unbeknown to many is my young brother. I will support, compliment his drive for a free democratic society to the hilt. I will stand with Adv Nelson Chamisa until donkeys grow horns. So continue wasting your time on puerile suppositions,” added Sikhala.

Meanwhile, Sikhala vowed to bring to dust the current regime.

“Let this also be a warning to those planted among ourselves who are advancing the propaganda of the evil regime that, ‘Sikhala anoda kutiza nechinhu’, that soon you will find yourself in the gallows of history.

“Becoming a conveyancer of the toxic regime propaganda and shenanigans driven by few coins of silver is intolerable. Gossipers whose survival in politics depends on advancing divisions in the party should be warned that your time is nearing.

“You will never rise again in this people’s party through rumor mongering. Our general membership is aware of your disposition and behavior,” added Sikhala. Nehanda Radio