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Gumiso tears into Bosso benefactors

By Sikhumbuzo Moyo

Former Highlanders midfielder Blessing Gumiso has taken to social media to attack Bosso’s benefactors for what he termed “lack of respect” for local coaches at the club.

Blessing Gumiso (right) with former Highlanders teammate Eddie Dube during his playing days
Blessing Gumiso (right) with former Highlanders teammate Eddie Dube during his playing days

Writing on his Facebook timeline, Gumiso, who was part of the trailblazing Bosso squad that won four back-to-back league titles, questioned the motive behind the move to always hold foreign coaches in high regard compared to local coaches.

He said benefactors are urgently sought to pay a foreign coach, but there never seems to be any urgency to find funders for a local coach at the club.

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“I have this honest question to ask. Why is it that when a foreign coach comes to Highlanders, we hear that some benefactors are paying his salary? When it’s a Highlanders’ legend or local coach, it’s a struggle paying him.

“When Madinda (Ndlovu) started rebuilding Bosso with his three-year plan, all things were on point until he left for Botswana for greener pastures because of monetary issues.

“Where were these benefactors to save us? Are these benefactors only available when it’s a foreign coach? Surely this is a sad situation.

“Who are these benefactors? All the best to our new coach Mark Harrison and his technical staff and the whole Bosso family,” Gumiso wrote.

His post, however, attracted mixed reactions from Highlanders’ supporters, with some feeling the club’s benefactors had the right to choose who to sponsor since it was their money, while others concurred with him that the same assistance must be extended to local coaches when in charge of the team.

“People decide where and who to invest their money on. If they don’t have faith in an individual or leadership, they don’t put their money. It’s how the corporate world functions.

“You put your money into a project you believe in, where you think the returns are worth the (risk of) investment.

“The reverse question could be, ‘why does Highlanders constantly (or at times choose) to hire people who attract no investment?’” Nqaba Yomuzi WakoMawaya responded.

“Any organisation or individual invests lapho abazizwa befuna khona, depending on what their motive is, be it branding, marketing, philanthropy etc.

“If one chooses to sponsor ikhiwa or a local, so be it. Thina asibongeni ukuthi we got a well-wisher willing to take on a significant burden of our payroll,” responded Xolani Ndlovu.

Lloyd Motsi described the situation as sad and disappointing.

“It’s like they don’t like former players to coach or make money,” posted Motsi. The Chronicle