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Lasizwe wants Khanyi to pay for ‘real’ nose job after Facetune post

By Liam Karabo Joyce |IOL|

This week Khanyi Mbau got dragged by Twitter when she posted a picture of herself and her brother, Lasizwe, in a clearly photoshopped picture.

Lasizwe. Picture: Instagram
Lasizwe. Picture: Instagram

Mzansi probably would not have spotted the difference had Lasizwe not posted the exact same unedited picture.

In the picture Khanyi posted, Lasizwe is seen looks lighter and his nose is also made to be slimmer, which is completely different from the picture that Lasizwe posted – untouched by photo-editing tools.

Twitter users called Khanyi out for the editing and many found it offensive.

However, her brother has since responded to the editing and asked his sister to pay for a real nose job.

Taking to Twitter, Lasizwe said: “Thanks for the nose job @MbauReloaded! Ngicela iMali for a real one”.

Many fans found his response funny and shared their thoughts on Twitter.