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Slow Valentine’s Day in Bulawayo

By Wayne Chiridza

Valentine’s Day celebrations were kind of slow in Bulawayo yesterday with just a few couples being spotted dressed in the Valentine’s theme colours of red, black and white as most went on with their business.

However, early in the morning, some were spotted going to the shops to buy cards, gifts and flowers for their loved ones and it was nice to see even women shopping around, showing that the feeling was mutual.

Some shops also had their attendants clad in Valentine’s colours promoting the Valentine’s specials they had on offer. Florists were not to be outdone as they were the busiest with more and more people flocking to them.

Said one florist, Christopher Nkomo: “Well, this is the month of love and my business blooms at this time of the year as I get to sell a lot of red roses, much more than the flowers I sell.”

After helping making other people’s Valentine’s Day special, he said he had something special planned for his partner.

“I also have a loved one and I will spend quality time with her at lunch today as we celebrate our love together.”

A lady identified as Lindiwe Moyo said the day was important as she gets to go all out in showing her partner how much he means to her.

“Well in the morning we just said happy Valentine’s to each other as I was rushing to work. I however have a surprise prepared for my spouse as this day is special because I get an opportunity to go an extra mile to show my love for him,” said Moyo.

Some people who spoke to this newspaper however said they were not too keen on Valentine’s Day as they feel people should not wait for this day, but should always show appreciation to their lovers.

“Every day, we should all learn to appreciate our loved ones. We can’t wait for Valentine’s Day to show our love. When you are in love, I think every day should be Valentine’s so this day does not really mean that much to me.

“It however is an opportunity to just remind my partner that I love her, just like everyday,” said a young man from Suburbs identified as Lawrence.

Many other residents went about their daily business without showing any mark of the Valentine’s theme through their dressing.

“I do not need to wear red and black regalia to show that I’m celebrating the day. I know what day it is and what I should do for my lover.

“I know it’s a leap year and she’s supposed to get me gifts, but I like spoiling her so I’ll do so,” said another young man identified as Lionel.

But, one thing was clear, with each passing year, the Valentine’s fever seems to be dying down, just like Christmas. Some like former Miss Zimbabwe, Lorraine Maphala, said Valentine’s Day was for teenagers as those her age have outgrown this overrated day.

“As I wait patiently for Women’s Day . . . Dear 2000s, enjoy your day,” captioned Maphala on an image of herself she posted on Instagram yesterday.

Even on social media platforms, there were not many posts of people bragging about gifts or even flowers they had received from their partners.

Some men said they were waiting on their women to spoil them since this year is a leap year.

“Clearly, women are very stingy. The way they’ve ignored the day is worrying yet they know very well that they must spoil us since it’s a leap year. Maybe I’ve spoken too early as they may have special treats for us later on,” said one Tich Simbi. The Chronicle