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Tamborinyoka: ‘POLAD comedians splurge scarce forex on foreign trips’

By Luke Tamborinyoka

As Zimbabwe’s economy sinks to plumbing depths, with the country’s hospitals and clinics without basics such as gloves, bandages and painkillers, fringe political leaders under the POLAD banner will spend millions of scarce foreign currency visiting global capitals on a purported international re-engagement drive.

Luke Tamborinyoka
Luke Tamborinyoka

It is unfathomable that POLAD comedians could spend US$4, 5 million in scarce for-ex on useless trips to Brussels, Washington, London and Paris while innocent Zimbabweans are dying at home.

That money would have been put to better use if it had been used to procure basics for the country’s major referral hospitals or importing food for the starving millions.

These POLAD actors are real actors in the literal sense of the word. An African proverb asserts that a man should not chase rats when his house is burning. And spending scarce foreign currency on trips to foreign capitals while the nation starves is akin to doing precisely that.

Zimbabwe is on a precipice. There is starvation in the countryside. Civil servants and our uniformed forces are suffering. Villagers, students and urbanites can barely survive while these fringe political actors burn scarce money on ill-advised trips.

This heartlessness is all the more reason why President Chamisa said he will not join this POLAD charade. In the middle of this suffering, we cannot have politicians spending scarce money on foreign travels that bring no dividend to despondent Zimbabweans.

We must engage nationally first in a sincere, honest and credible dialogue process that will move the country forward. Politicians should engage the situation in the country first before purporting to engage the international community about the so-called sanctions, which Zanu PF invited on the nation by killing innocent citizens and repressing people’s rights.

Zimbabwe needs a true people’s government that the nation voted for in 2018.


Luke Tamborinyoka
MDC Deputy National Spokesperson