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‘A people’s government, the only solution to Zimbabwe’s crisis’

By Tererai Obey Sithole

A plethora of challenges are tearing apart people’s lives, sad developments have become the order of the day with ordinary citizens being constantly and consistently subjected to tears and fears of more tears.

Obey Sithole
Obey Sithole

Good enough, it doesn’t need supernatural power to locate the source of all problems therefore locating a solution isn’t a complicated task; the crisis before us is a product of the continued clinging into power by an illegitimate regime.

Where a person or a group lead without without legitimacy, everything loses confidence which therefore leads to the collapse of everything; even the economy cannot be loyal to an illegitimate regime.

Corruption is rife because we are being governed by an anti-people regime thus they care less about the rest when they can loot at their best with the biggest form of corruption being the electoral fraud of 2018.

We have been stripped off our dignity and plunged into miserable livelihoods with a few sweetening their life at the expense of the people’s excessive sweating, this proves that we the people are alone while a few in the corridors of stolen power are shamelessly enriching themselves.

On the other hand, the illegitimate junta is on Constitutional mutilation spree, they are set to amend the fresh Constitution at a time when the ink of some of the pages is yet to dry.

The broader solution to our challenges lies in the establishment of a people’s government which is responsive to people’s concerns and demands, because the current regime is illegitimate hence can’t deal with legitimate concerns.

It’s only a people’s government that will birth legitimate leadership that will inspire confidence; it’s only an people’s government that will end corruption because they will care for the next person and generation.

It’s only a people’s government that will restore dignity and improve its people’s livelihoods; it’s only a people’s government that will protect its people through protecting the Constitution which protects the people.

In the absence of a people’s government like what the case is now, our future as a nation will be hanging in the balance.

Given these circumstances, it is imperative to note that in the interest of ending the crisis before us, we must stand firm and collectively fight for a people’s government.

Wherever you are, be a mobilizer as we ready ourselves for people’s power and action to usher in a people’s government.

Tererai Obey Sithole, a young Zimbabwean who serves as the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Youth Chairperson.