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Gono taken to court by businessman

By Clayton Masekesa

MUTARE– Former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor Gideon Gono is embroiled in a property wrangle and accusations of breach of a lease agreement with a Mutare businessman who has since taken him to court.

Former Reserve Bank Governor Dr Gideon Gono
Former Reserve Bank Governor Dr Gideon Gono

Nongesai Makurumidze, owner of Sports Science and Research College, this week, applied for a protection order at the Mutare Civil Court against his landlord, Gono, whom he is accusing of unlawfully trying to evict him from his business premises situated at Natvest Industrial Complex.

In his application, Makurumidze said Gono was leasing the Natvest property to him for use by his sports college but had allowed his other tenants to evict him without following due procedures.

“Your Worship, I had an agreement with Dr Gono.

“He was initially leasing the property to me, but is now ignoring the original agreement and is trying to evict me without processes. We are in the process of setting up a university of sport and they all know it, but his workers terrorise my clients and staff.

“They use the other buildings at Natvest but still disrupt my business on a daily basis. They take out the college’s property and lock the doors, claiming that it was Dr Gono who evicted me and that they are just following orders.

“They damage the furniture in the process, causing a loss to the business,” he said.

In response, one of Gono’s tenants at the complex, identified only as Chigondowa, told the court that Makurumidze had already been evicted by Gono and that he was lying to the court.

“He was evicted by Dr Gono, Your Worship, but he keeps coming back. It was not us who removed his property from the building.

“ He was evicted by the owner of the building, and we wonder why he has even cited us as respondents when we are just workers,” he said.

The magistrate, Nyasha Kuture ruled in favour of Makurumidze and ordered Gono’s tenants not to interfere with Makurumidze’s business, not to harass him or his workers, not to throw his furniture out of the building and not to try and evict him unlawfully. Zim Morning Post