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Tamy rejects money on stage

By Edwin Nhukarume

Rising star Tamy Moyo refused to accept money on stage recently at “DJ Stavo & Friends” gig held at Wood Sensation Club in the capital.

Afro-Fusion songstress Thamsanqa ‘Tamy’ Moyo
Afro-Fusion songstress Thamsanqa ‘Tamy’ Moyo

The 21-year-old gave a splendid performance with a close to perfect act that mesmerised the audience which never displayed signs of boredom during her act.

Her energy, dance moves, dancers and outfit together with her songs captivated the crowd to the extent of some audiences offering her US$10 notes, which she refused.

Tamy explained the reason she denied money she was offered, a rare.

“Firstly I was quite surprised that they offered me money, it hardly happens.

“But all the same my heart was warmed by the fact that they appreciated the craft that much, to that extent.

“I didn’t take it because I know how hard people work out here to make that money, and the gesture to offer it was good enough for me.

“And also I was very much focused on the performance and deep into it,” said Tamy.

Tamy shared her secret to come up with a polished act on stage.

“I have built strong chemistry with my team over time.

“From my management to the band to the dancers. We all work hard and put in lots of hours of practice.

“We are all just moving in one accord in terms of our vision. And only through GOD’s grace are we here,” she said.

“Genuinely they were a good crowd, one of the best crowds I have performed for this year.

” They were ready to enjoy every minute of what we had prepared.

“We wanted to bring our best to the table.We gave our all, and I suppose the high energy we came with as well contributed,” she added. H Metro