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Marry Chiwenga’s controversy – Winky D prophecy fulfilled?

If you are die-hard music fan, then you probably know at least one singer whose words have turned out to be prophetic.

By Jera | ilizwi263.com |

Way back in the 1990s, even before the wool was peeled off our eyes, Thomas Mapfumo sang about “corruption in society” and “Jojo siyana nazvo” – a cautionary song to political activists.

Decades later, Zanu PF has killed, tortured or disappeared its most vocal critics. Some have been abducted and fed on sewage water before being released.  

Lovemore Majaivana’s songs were also ahead of their time. Leli lizwe kalila mali was years before Zimbabwe’s economic meltdown and decades before Mangudya’s bond notes.

Even in Zhakata’s dance tunes were subtle messages which only make sense now. The Notorious BIG rapped about blowing up like the World Trade Centre, as early as 1994.

The towers fell in 2001 – seven years after his song, Juicy.

Winky D – musician or prophet?

But can we talk about prophetic song lyrics without mentioning Winky D, Zimbabwe’s Messi of dancehall?

NdaiCruiser ndiine jagwa – ndobva ndaona mai mupfanha vakahagwa

The Second Lady, Marry Chiwenga, is in a spot of trouble with the law. She has appeared in court for fraud, apparently at the behest of Vice President General Chiwenga.

Mary Chiwenga in action (Picture by 263Chat)

Allegations of infidelity have been thrown about the independent press which is never short of spicy gossip. When VP Chiwenga appeared on television in November 2017, speaking of the “criminals surrounding President Mugabe,” did he mean his own wife?

Who knows. What is clear is that Chiwenga versus Chiwenga certainly fits the lyrics to Winky D’s song Controversy.

NdaiCruiser ndiineArmy Puma. Ndobva ndaona mai mupfanha vakahagwa!

General Chiwenga with wife Mary

It is very hard to prove infidelity. You have to catch someone in flagrante delicto to prove they cheated. All we know is that the General’s wife loves to hug. A lot!

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