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Top rappers discredit ZHHP awards

By Taonga Nyemba

Top rappers have asked Zim Hip Hop Awards organisers to exclude them in future editions saying the awards have lost their appeal.

R Peels
R Peels (right)

Rappers Hubby Blakes, R Peels and Takura who worked hard enough to be awarded have since asked to be excluded in future editions even if they produce masterpieces hard to ignore.

R Peels who was one of the nominees took to his social media to pour out his heart at the event organisers and hosts.

“F*** Zim Hip hop awards I am bigger than you, never put my name on your list.

“You don’t deserve my effort,” he posted.

R Peels said he is the most hated and best artistes in the game and he was disappointed.

“I’m the most hated, most consistent and most talented Zim hip hop artiste.

“I am done with the Borrowdale hip hop awards, I’m done with Zimhiphop awards.

“Mudiwa, Stunner and King 98 are obviously the most terrible rappers we’ve all heard.

“I always told you people are buying awards Best HipHop album rine Rhumba, I’m done,” added the post. H-Metro