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Brave Sanii Makhalima takes on Mnangagwa

By Marshall Bwanya

Urban grooves chanter Sanii Makhalima has come out guns blazing against President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s failure to uphold basic human rights and remedy the worsening economic crisis.

Makhalima on Thursday released a politically charged music video, Vatiregerera laced with graphic content exposing the Mnangagwa administration’s gross human rights violations and bad governance.

Makhalima said the love of his country had inspired him to pen the emotionally charged single depicting state sponsored violence and unbearable economic hardships ordinary citizens are currently facing.

“The love for my kids future and my country got me to pen this song.

“For how long must we as the ones with voices to be heard continue to remain silent about issues that affect our future generations.

“Nothing in this video is fictitious and it’s a simple and honest plea to those in authority to do something positive for the masses,” he said.

In the song Makhalima says the current administration has turned out to ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing butchering the masses they are supposed to protect.

“Ivo vanofanira kuti chengeta ndivo vakutipedzesa,” sings Makhalima.

Which translates, “Those responsible for protecting us are now killing us.”

Makhalima goes on to plead to God to intervene for the suffering masses whose restless pleas for the betterment of living standards and welfare the current Mnangagwa regime has turned a deaf ear on.

“Mwari baba totarisira kwamuri, tinzwireyiwo nyasha vatungamiri vatiregerera,” he sings.

Which translates to: “Heavenly father we look upon you, have mercy on us, our leaders have let us down.”

Makhalima accuses Mnangagwa of failing to reform accusing the latter’s mantra ‘Zimbabwe is open for business’ a facade while the country experiences severe power cuts.

“Democracy and meritocracy fall on deaf ears.

“Zimbabwe is open for business, we say yeah right (sarcastic tone), what kind of business is this when there is no light.

“From 4 in the morning to 11 in the evening there is no electricity so how do we start living,” sings Makhalima. Nehanda Radio