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‘Two Zim Girls’ flying the flag in the UK

By Staff Reporter

Since it was launched in February 2005, video-sharing platform YouTube has been producing a stream of millionaire content creators pocketing money from advertising revenue.

In October this year, two Zimbabwean ‘girls’ based in the United Kingdom, Michelle Mapfumo (24) and Samantha Mutongi (25) created their YouTube channel ‘Two Zim Girls’.

While the two are certainly far from becoming millionaires, their YouTube channel is hard to ignore. Their bubbly personalities and interesting stories make sure of that. 

Speaking to Nehanda Radio, Michelle said: “We chose the name Two Zim Girls because it represents who we are. We might be in the diaspora but we never want to forget where we came from.

“Like many others, our parents came here with big dreams and ambitions, some accomplished and many didn’t. We hope to use our platform to encourage more Zimbabweans around the world to be themselves and embrace our heritage like other cultures do.”

Commenting on their onscreen chemistry, Samantha told Nehanda Radio; 

“We started off as friends but it feels like we are more like sisters. We’ve known each other for under a year and it’s true what they say, true friendship is really not about how long you’ve known someone but It’s about their impact in your life. We both feel like we balance each other.

“If one person slacks in something, the other picks it up. We are free to truly be ourselves with each other and respect is very important in our relationship. I think that explains the chemistry we have in our videos.

“Finding a friend who uplifts, inspires and pushes you to be your best self is very difficult to find in this day so we’re so lucky to have found one another. Our advice is don’t be afraid to meet new people, you might find someone with a similar mind and vibe that’s worth your time.”

Michelle Mapfumo and Samantha Mutongi
Michelle Mapfumo and Samantha Mutongi
Michelle Mapfumo and Samantha Mutongi
Michelle Mapfumo and Samantha Mutongi
Michelle Mapfumo and Samantha Mutongi
Michelle Mapfumo and Samantha Mutongi
Samantha Mutongi, Munashe Chirisa and Michelle Mapfumo
Samantha Mutongi, Munashe Chirisa and Michelle Mapfumo

In January the duo will be in Zimbabwe with Samantha saying; “We are so excited to be back home in Zimbabwe in January. We have so many things planned such as our Guys and Girls brunch, pop up store and our Queens Child Project where we will be raising money for Zim Girls just like us.

“This is something that is very close to our hearts and we can’t wait to give back. For anyone interested or wanting information, please email us on 2zimgirls@gmail.com.

Michelle and Samantha says The Queens Child Project, is a campaign which aims to deliver aid to disadvantaged Zim Girls amidst the current economic crisis in Zimbabwe.

Its estimated 7 in 10 girls in Zimbabwe do not use commercial sanitary products and 6 in 10 girls miss school every month due to a lack of period products.

“With your help we would like to help change this and improve the health, wellbeing and education of girls and women in Zimbabwe. We will be collecting the following:
– Sanitary towels
– Tampons
– Dental hygiene essentials
– Underwear
– Socks
– First aid items
– School supplies (pens, pencils, books)

All money raised will go towards purchasing the items listed above and they will be donated in January 2020 to those who need it the most. CLICK HERE TO DONATE