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Gang violence rattles Kwekwe High

By Michael Magoronga

Parents of pupils at Kwekwe High School are mulling transferring their children from the school following reports of gang violence and indiscipline that have reached alarming levels at the school.

Kwekwe High School
Kwekwe High School

Located in the mining town’s central business district, the school has witnessed rival gangs clashing at the school leaving several pupils injured.

Lately the gangs have also taken the violence outside the school with rival gangs having reportedly clashed at the bus terminus leaving several pupils nursing injuries.

Other reports suggest that there is a six-member gang of Form 4 pupils who are sitting for their final examinations that goes around terrorising fellow pupils.

More than three cases have been reported so far with one being that of a woman who turned down a love proposal.

Kwekwe Central Police station was also overwhelmed with reports of violent cases coming from the school.

Parents who spoke to this reporter said they were contemplating transferring their children who had fallen victim to the said gang adding their lives were in danger.

“My child who is in Form 3 was beaten up for no apparent reason by a gang that is going around bullying other pupils. My child is reserved but he was beaten at the toilets by this gang for no reason.

I made a police report but police begged that we solve the matter out of court as one of the gang leaders (name supplied), was still at school,” said Kudakwashe Zvarai whose son fell victim to the gang.

Another parent who declined identification said her daughter was hit with a chair after she turned down a love proposal from the said gang leader.

“My daughter received stitches at Kwekwe General Hospital after she was hit with a chair near the toilets. I don’t think the headmaster is doing enough to stamp his authority at the school. Discipline has been lacking at the school lately.

Teachers are also seen in bars during working hours and some students are seen loitering in the cbd during the day. The school head should do something, “ said the parent on condition of anonymity.

School head Nelson Shumba confirmed that indeed cases of indiscipline had risen at the boarding school.

“We have had problems lately with cases of indiscipline. We are still carrying out investigations but I am reliably informed that there is a cold war that has been declared between Form 3s and Form 4s,” said Shumba.

He said the school always had problems with groups of Form 4s who would be sitting for examinations as they cause all sorts of problems.

“This is the reason why we reject some pupils to come for Advanced Level because they would have caused problems in their last days. We are currently engaging some parents over the cases of indiscipline. We have called them and we will not hesitate to deal decisively with unruly elements,” he said.

He also said they had roped in law enforcement agencies to help in the cases.

“Of course we have brought in the police to assist in such cases.

There would be some cases of a criminal nature that would need the police to intervene, but those that we can solve on our own we do so,” said Shumba. B Metro